Coron Palawan: Black Island, Lusong Coral Garden, Lusong Gunboat


One thing I like best about traveling is the element of surprise that comes with every new place being explored. Perhaps we were directed to Coron for a better reason. We were so blessed to have been given the chance to experience paradise at its finest.


After a half-day tour in Calauit Safari, we were taken by out boat to Black Island.  After our one-on-one interaction with the animals, we headed to Black Island for lunch. Shrimps, crabs, and barbeque for lunch (still courtesy of our tour package)! How great is that? Black Island is just a few minutes away from Calauit, and I am not exaggerating when I say that the view of the island is simply exquisite. More than the view, Black Island is known as one of the best dive spots in Palawan. We were told that Black Island was named as such because of the color of limestone rocks that surround the island.

Hello, Lunch!

Perhaps the only regret that I had when I set foot in Coron was that I did not know how to dive. Had I equipped myself with the skills to go down deep in the rich ocean floor of Coron, I would have opened myself to limitless amazement over the exquisite marine life of Coron. But nevertheless, snorkeling became my next resort. I promised myself that before I go back to Coron, I (together with Pao) should have learned how to dive already.

On land and under the sea, limestone caves are very much abundant. Forests and hot springs are also natural freebies that visitors could get to explore upon setting foot on the island. Aside from the popular wreck diving, other activities like caving, snorkeling, and kayaking are possible to do on the island.

Black Island was so beautiful and the day even became more awesome as we explored the Black Island Cave! It’s just depressing that the century-old stalactites and stalagmites in the cave were destroyed by some Czech nationals when they visited the island. I wish we had full implementation of the laws protecting our natural resources where offenders can completely pay for their recklessness.


Lusong Coral Garden was one of the highlights of our trip! I haven’t seen sooooooo many colorful and beautiful coral reefs in my entire life! Considering that I had a visual angle from just above the sea because we were just admiring the marine beauty by snorkeling. If only I still had my underwater camera with me, I would have lasting memories of the priceless beauty of Coron waters. To top it all off, the waters of Palawan contains perhaps the friendliest fishes ever! The fishes just keep swimming around you, on your hand, on your head, as if they like to play with you!

We must remember that the island of Busuanga remained a witness and also a casualty of World War II. A lot of Japanese ships and vessels sunk within the waters of Busuanga, thus making Coron an ideal spot for wreck diving especially that these shipwrecks have already become a natural habitat for a diverse variety of fishes.

The Lusong Gun Boat is among the World War 2 shipwrecks that could be explored by snorkeling simply because it rests on the shallow parts of the sea. My frustration over not knowing how to dive deepened when I saw the remarkable view underneath the sea because it  was priceless to see a wreck adorned with beautiful corals with schools of fishes swimming freely.

I promised myself that I have to learn to dive before I go back to Coron. I give you much assurance in the fact that Coron’s underwater life is truly amazing and captivating.


3 hours boat ride to Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary
06:00AM Breakfast while cruisingBusuangaGutobBay
Activities: viewing and feeding of African Animals & Palawan Endemic Animals while on tour truck
animal interaction till 10 am
10:30AM explore BLACK ISLAND
Activities: caving, swimming, photo shooting and lunch
12:00NN Leave the island and proceed to CALUMBOYAN ISLAND; 45minutes boat ride
Activities: CalumboyanIsland, siesta, swimming on the beach, snorkeling at one of the excellent coral reefs and fish sanctuary of Coron
 02:00PM Proceed to LUSONG CORAL GARDEN1 hour stay
Activities: snorkeling at one of the excellent coral reefs of Coron, snacks will be provided on the boat
 03:00PM Proceed to LUSONG GUNBOAT
1hour stay
Activities: snorkeling around Lusong gunboat, a world war 2 Japanese shipwreck, swimming & photo shooting
04:00PM Leave the gunboat and proceed toCoronTown
05:00PM End of the tour
NOTE: This Calauit Safari Tour is by boat (3 hours travel, much better trip than by land since you will be passing by pristine islands of Gutob Bay of West of Busuanga


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    • My heart is filled with so much gratitude! Thank you very much for your appreciation my dear! I am trying my best to write my backlog entries for the past trips!

      The next entries are coming right up! Thank you very much, Twitch!

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  2. Hi, your Coron series are so helpful for my upcoming trip to Coron. This part of Coron is what I’ve missed when I visited it last February. I’ll visit your blog more often. I like how you write your posts. You share your experience yet you share important information about your trip, too.

    • Thank you very much for your appreciation. I write these posts for the mere purpose of thought preservation, just in case I forget (because I can get very forgetful). But I’m happy that in a way, I am able to contribute to your upcoming trip to Coron. I am so excited for you. I’m sure it will be more than awesome! 😀

  3. Great blog Mia and nice photos too! Stumbled upon your site as I am planning a Coron trip for my family for summer. I wanted to know if taking the Calauit package tour is worth it.

    • Hi Bing! Like what I’ve said in my post, the safari is not filled with loads and loads of animals like a natural safari should have (because of lack of funding). But the giraffes, deers, and zebras were a good number already and was already good enough for me. I knew I just can’t miss the opportunity because I’ve been wanting to interact with giraffes up close and personally feed them. It totally depends on you, but I pretty much enjoyed the Calauit Safari because I really love animals!

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