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Coron, Palawan: Calauit Island Safari


Following an awesome first day at Coron Town the previous day, Pao and I resisted  hitting the snooze button as we enthusiastically awoke at 3:30 AM for our 4:00 AM departure for a 3-4 hour boat ride to Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary better known as Calauit Safari Park in Calauit Island.

(Cover photo from Google Search on Calauit. Photo credit to owner.)

The island got its name because of the geographic shape of the island. The island is shaped like a hook, hence its name “kalawit” in Filipino. It has a total land area of approximately 3,760 hectares and is situated within Calauit Island in the northwest corner of Busuanga, the main island of the Calamianes, Northern Palawan.

It was worth it to endure a 4 hour boat ride because of this priceless view

Admiring the best view during the boat ride!

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