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And we turn 8 years old!



“But when they say that it’s about the journey not the destination, that’s only half right — it’s also about who you’re with.”

To the best travel buddy in the world, I could not express how overwhelmed and grateful I am to be blessed with someone who is equally as passionate in seeing the beauty of the world. Here’s to a life filled with adventures and a life filled with amazing surprises and experiences!

“We’re all a little weird, and life’s a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in a mutual weirdness called love” -Dr. Seuss

Thank you Lord, we are now 8 years strong in exploring your beautiful creations! Thank you for blessing us everyday with strong bodies and ecstatic spirits to marvel at your glorious creations TOGETHER! And yes, 8 is just the beginning of wonderful years to infinity!


Exploring Callao Cave!


A perfect, sunny day in May greeted us immediately after landing in the Tuguegarao Airport. Hello Tuguegarao, indeed!

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Slice of Paradise in Northern Philippines: Palaui Island, Anguib Beach, Cape Engano Lighthouse and Crocodile Island


Batanes, but not yet! And yes, we reached the northernmost tip of Luzon. We took a 642 km trip towards north of Manila, towards the northern tip of the island of Luzon. With only our backpacks and our usual eagerness to explore the unexplored parts of the Philippines, we scratched the travel bug’s itch as we enjoyed every moment of the trip.

Palaui is at the northernmost tip of Luzon Island.
(Map from Wikipedia)


Palaui Island, dubbed as “One of the Best Beaches in the Philippines” by CNN Go, is a protected landscape and seascape where different ecosystems exist in well-preserved conditions. There is a rich variety of flora and fauna in the forest, the tidal flats and coral reefs. The island also serves as a refuge for migratory birds and marine life.

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Bangkok, Thailand: Chatuchak Weekend Market and Siam Square Shopping!


Retail therapy while on vacation signals the culmination of a wonderful vacation. Well, at least for me.  It is like an added bonus, the icing to the cake, and a rewarding experience at the end of every trip. And I am grateful every time, because at the end of every trip, I am blessed to have extra money to spend to allow me to buy and experience their culture of shopping  so that I will not go home empty handed.


And yes, Bangkok is known as one of the best shopping destinations in the whole world. And when you say bargain hunting for shopping, it could get pretty synonymous to Chatcuchak Market in Northern Bangkok. Chatuchak Market is a weekend market and is considered as one of the largest and most spectacular markets in the whole world. Yes, how awesome is that?

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Bangkok, Thailand: Dusit Zoo


One of the compelling reasons why I wanted to visit Bangkok was because I wanted to fulfill my lifelong dream of riding an elephant! I was so near in finally ticking this item off my bucket list as we were supposed to ride the elephants in Samphran during our last day in Thailand. BUT… (yes, buts at the start of a statement could get pretty dangerous) BUT because I overlooked and miscalculated our remaining days left and still added an extra day in our itinerary, it was too late already when I realized that we’re not going to have that last day for elephant rides anymore. (insert heavy, heavy sighs here)

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