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Bicol Adventure 2014


“Whenever possible, we always choose adventure”

The passion for new experiences will always be openly welcomed as we covered the southern part of Bicol in 4 days with our Naga-Legazpi-Donsol-Caramoan leg of this fun trip. Highlighted by the ever-majestic views of the Mayon volcano, the challenge of chasing and swimming with whale sharks in their natural habitat, and exploring the powdery white beaches of the Philippine islands further compelled our eager spirits to love the Philippines more and more!

Showcasing our gratefulness with our 3 minutes of happiness as we share with you how blessed we are to have such a beautiful country! Here’s us tinkering with the wonders of GoPro! More videos coming soon!


Baler, Aurora: Of Natural Wonders and Perfect Swells


Besides being known as the capital of Aurora Province, I could only attribute one word as to how the entire Baler experience would enthrall you– exhilarating. Baler is actually located on the northern part of Quezon Province and the eastern seaboard of Luzon. It lies majestically along the Sierra Madre and the Caraballo mountain ranges. Baler is not only just about surfing, one of the activities it is most famous for. There are lots of places where one can commune with nature, and the feeling of being this close to nature would make you come back for it again and again!

Actually, Baler surprised the best in Pao and I as we did not quite expect that we will love our experience in one of Luzon’s best kept secrets up north. Yes, we were really happy and have nothing but high praises as to how remarkable our weekend trip was!

We thought that all there is to Baler was its beach with awesome waves and swells perfect for surfing hence its popularity to surfing enthusiasts—the primary reason why we wanted to see it. What we did not know was that Baler offered pristine natural wonders made even better because of the touch of history in it!


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Mount Pinatubo


1991: the year that marked the wrath of a once dormant volcano which was awakened after 600 years of sleep.  This eruption was considered as one of the most catastrophic volcanic eruptions in the recent years as it discharged sulfur dioxide and spewed ashes everywhere. It was then considered to be a dreaded object of fear, violence, destruction and catastrophe, but now, at present, it is now revered and admired as an object of beauty and majesty. And I could not even believe my eyes as I personally admired how extraordinarily beautiful the Crater Lake is, complemented by a perfect weather, blue skies, and turquoise waters. It was indeed a perfect day to witness the beauty of Mt. Pinatubo.

Oh what beauty!

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Sagada, Mountain Province: Kiltepan Sunrise, Rock Farm, Echo Valley


If there’s a perfect place to commune with nature, I would always attribute Sagada with such majesty.


We woke early in the morning to witness one of the most breath-taking sunrise experiences in the world! We went up to Kiltepan Peak to surrender to the majesty of God’s wonders as we become grateful spectators of a sunrise that rises above a bed of clouds! This was definitely one of the best sunrise experiences of my life (next to that of Angkor Wat’s sunrise)

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Sagada, Mountain Province: Yoghurt House and Cave Connection


I must say that I did not expect that Sagada would surprise me. Sagada is just full of charm, wonder, and excitement; a place that not only welcomes soul-searchers and eager wanderers but also entertains extremists and adventurers at the same time.  I have always been a fan of adventure. I must say that Sagada  definitely contains the perfect mix of nature + adventure + lovely people + gastronomic food encounters. Put all of those together and you get such an amazing trip! The catch is… it will take you a 12 hour journey from Manila to get to this very beautiful piece of happiness!

With a last minute itinerary and an ever enthusiastic travel companion, we took on a 12-hour journey to the breath-taking Sagada. And the 12-hour trip did not seem tedious at all because of the exquisite landscapes and lush rice terraces that accompanied our journey. Seriously, oohs and aaahs will definitely fill your reverie as you journey towards the paradise in the mountains.

Chico River on the way to Sagada

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Manila, Manila: National Museum and Rizal Park


Every country has an official repository for its national treasures, archives, and mementos for all the precious historic moments that would encapsulate its history as a nation.

Pao and I have been enthusiastically visiting museums from abroad, and we felt very guilty for not having been able to visit our very own National Museum. Our conversations would normally include thoughts about visiting the National Museum but we did not actually make a concrete plan on when to actualize it.

One Saturday morning, Pao told me that he was going to take me to a place that we should urgently visit.  He told me it was a surprise and that I just needed to trust him and that I should just hop on the car. Being the obedient girl that I am (insert halo here), I willfully agreed and just held my breath in eager anticipation.

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Surf’s Up in San Juan, La Union


San Juan La Union is known as the Surfing Capital of Northern Philippines. It has lately become a convenient go-to destination among locals as it gains popularity as one of the Philippines’ Surfing Hotspot.And a town dubbed as such was definitely a tempting option that was hard to resist! We just had to visit San Juan after staying in the neighboring town, San Fernando La Union.

After an exquisite breakaway in our local Santorini, the heaven on earth called Thunderbird Resort located in Poro Point, La Union, I just couldn’t resist the urge of traveling to the next town to get a refresher on the art of riding waves– surfing.

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