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Going Loco over Ilocos: Candon


Perhaps it was fate that led us to Candon. We hopped on a Partas bus as we initially intended to leave and go back to Manila. But suddenly, we decided to make a side trip to Candon and visit the uncle of Pao who lived there. Our itinerary did not indicate any side trip to Candon, but we felt very spontaneous anyway and see Candon before we finally left for Manila.

And it was a sweet experience to visit  Candon because we discovered yet another gastronomic adventure in the town of Candon.

I don't know what this site is called, but it was just too lovely to miss.

Due to Spanish colonization, perhaps every town in both Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur has a Roman Catholic church in the heart of their town. True enough, for Candon, in the midst of the center of their town lies their very own Church alongside their town Plaza.

St. John Sahagun Church

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Going Loco over Ilocos: Baluarte


We endured an hour and a half bus ride from Laoag to Vigan (100 pesos per person on an Ordinary Bus). Riding the bus from point A to point B in Ilocos was not tedious at all. At the time of our visit, the December breeze greeted our faces as it accompanied us throughout the bus ride thus making the trip undeniably comfortable. Yes, it can be comfortable even on board an Ordinary bus. Upon finally arriving in Vigan, I was filled with awe. The town seemed to have a very prominent identity compared to its neighboring towns. Right at the moment I set foot on Vigan soil, I knew I was in for a big treat. I was captivated

We checked in at Vigan Hotel. The experience? I do not recommend. It was more than eerie, it was dirty, and it had an old-haunted-house-scary-vibe. But nevertheless, we managed to set foot on it to leave our things. (We were supposed to check-in at Villa Angela but it was full at the time that we booked accommodations for Vigan. December is normally the peak season for Ilocos travel). So if you’re planning to do an overnight trip at Vigan, do not, by all means check-in at Vigan Hotel. Try Vigan Plaza Hotel. or Grandpa’s Inn. It always has good ratings. NEVER dare to check-in at Vigan Hotel. Don’t tell me I did not warn you!

FIRST STOP: We started our Vigan exploration by heading to Chavit Singson’s interactive wildlife sanctuary, BALUARTE. It was a getaway and an exciting experience especially for animal lovers! And for the best news, it is free of charge for its admission and very much open to the public!

The dinosaur looks real huh?

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