“Do one thing that scares you everyday”. In a world where moments are fleeting, I would like to make each moment count with great productivity. I’ve managed to keep track of the goals that I’ve been listing in my planners. And so far, these are the items in my to do list. I am very much goal-oriented, and before my time expires on staying on this beautiful planet, I’d like to cross out everything I have managed to put in my bucket list, which seems to be grueling task because I seem to have an endless checklist of things I’d like to accomplish.


  1. Visit all the lovely islands in the Philippines and promote the beauty of the Philippine islands and proclaim how great God is!
  2. Visit the beautiful historical lighthouses in the Philippines
  3. Swim with dolphins.
  4. Swim with whale sharks. (May 2014, Donsol, Sorsogon, Philippines)
  5. Learn how to scuba dive.
  6. Go camping overnight in a mountain.
  7. Hop and sail on a cruise ship and live the life!
  8. Meet the Ivatans and visit their sturdy houses in Batanes.
  9. Visit the unexplored islands in Northern Philippines (May 2012, Palaui Island Sta Ana Cagayan)
  10. Fall in love with blues and whites in Santorini, Greece.
  11. Visit Egypt and see the pyramids.
  12. Go on a desert safari adventure and ride a camel in Dubai!
  13. Ride a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey!
  14. Graduate with honors from UP Diliman (April 2010, Magna cum Laude, BS FLCD)
  15. Finance my first ever INDEPENDENT travel abroad after graduation. (May 2010, Hong Kong-Macau)
  16. Reward myself with a trip to Europe!
  17. Experience Winter Sonata in Nami Island, South Korea. (December 2014, Namiseom Island South Korea)
  18. Experience an electric kind of high in Times Square, NY.
  19. Try wake boarding.
  20. Try kite boarding.
  21. Try skim boarding.
  22. Try skiing  (December 2014, Elysian Ganchon Ski Resort, South Korea)
  23. Try snowboarding
  24. Try stand up paddle boarding in El Nido, Palawan.  (August 2014, El Nido, Palawan)
  25. Eat, pray and love some more in Bali Indonesia.
  26. Visit Macchu Picchu, in Peru.
  27. Visit the Stonehenge in UK.
  28. Visit Kathmandu and go on a trip to Mt. Everest!
  29. Ride the End of the World swing in Banos, Ecuador!
  30. Visit the Taj Mahal in India.
  31. Get a Master’s Degree.
  32. Get a PhD.
  33. Go beach camping. (May 2011, Calaguas Island Camarines Norte)
  34. Taste original Pad Thai in Thailand. (April 2012, Bangkok)
  35. Visit the Angkor Wat Temple Complex in Cambodia. (April 2012, Siem Reap Cambodia)
  36. Visit Japan. (April 2013, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hakone, Shinyokohama, Tokyo)
  37. See the Cherry Blossoms in Japan. (April 2013, Kyoto)
  38. Sample authentic sushi, maki, sashimi made by a real Japanese chef in Japan. (April 2013, Tokyo)
  39. Marvel at the turquoise waters and swim at the crater lake of Mount Pinatubo. (November 2012, Tarlac)
  40. Taste the clouds of Mount Pulag.
  41. Try white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro.
  42. Go spelunking in Sagada (October 2012, Sumaguing and Lumiang Cave, Sagada)
  43. Witness a breath-taking sunrise above a bed of clouds (October 2012, Kiltepan Peak, Sagada)
  44. Pray at the chapel inside a cave (May 2012, Callao Cave Tuguegarao)
  45. Physically visit Philippine lighthouses (August 2009, Spanish lighthouse, Corregidor) (December 2010, Cape Bojeador, Ilocos Norte) (May 2012, Cape Engano, Sta Ana Cagayan)
  46. Visit any among the seven wonders of nature  (February 2008, Underground River, Puerto Princesa Palawan)
  47. Free the turtles towards the sea
  48. Visit the world’s most beautiful island and cruise through the 200 million year old limestone formations (August 2014, El Nido Palawan)
  49. Find a job you love (May 2014, Destination Getaways Travel and Tours).
  50. Go bungee jumping.
  51. Celebrate the Holy Mass in La Sagrada de Familia in Spain.
  52. Go to an Ilocos Norte-Ilocos Sur trip (December 2010)
  53. Finance all-out  international travel (April 2010, HK-Macau) (March 2011, Singapore-Malaysia) (December 2011, USA) (April 2012, Thailand-Cambodia)
  54. Ride a hot-air balloon.
  55. Learn to surf. (May 2010, Bagasbas Beach Daet Camarines Norte)
  56. Stand on a surfboard for at least 5 seconds. (August 2012, San Juan La Union)
  57. Get a marriage proposal and a blessed married life.
  58. Have a beautiful home and a priceless family.
  59. Donate blood (I’m always underweight, below 110 lbs)
  60. Go sky-diving.
  61. Jump off a cliff (April 2008, Hundred Islands Pangasinan)
  62. Learn how to drive a car.
  63. Buy myself a car.
  64. Ride/ Interact with elephants. (April 2012, Siem Reap Cambodia)
  65. See safari animals and feed them (giraffe, gazelles, zebras, etc).  (November 2011, Coron Palawan)
  66. Tryout a new hairdo.
  67. Become an ambassador for a very worthy cause.
  68. Go to Africa and see the wild safari animals. Madagascar, perhaps? Baobab trees for real!
  69. Dye my hair (May 2012, Mahogany Copper Brown)
  70. Contribute to the promotion of the tourism industry of the Philippines.
  71. Visit HK Disneyland.  (May 2010, Hong Kong)
  72. Visit Universal Studios Singapore. (March 2011, Singapore)
  73. Visit the original Disneyland in the US. (January 2012, Disneyland Anaheim)
  74. Visit the original Universal Studios in the US. ( January 2012, Universal Studios Hollywood)
  75. Visit Disneyland Paris
  76. Get soaked by Niagara Falls.
  77. Fall in love with the rainbow colored buildings in Cinque Terre, Italy
  78. Wear knee-high boots (December 2011, San Diego)
  79. Taste snow. (December 2011, Big Bear California)
  80. Make a snow angel. (December 2011, Big Bear California)
  81. Get paid for blogging.
  82. Fall in love with the city of love, Paris!
  83. Eat French macarons in front of the Eiffel Tower
  84. Eat bugs, insects or any critter (April 2012, Bangkok [baby frogs, crickets, grasshopper])
  85. Ride a gondola.  (March 2011, Genting Malaysia)
  86. Scream my heart out in such a frightening or horrific ride (January 2012, Hollywood Tower of Terror Disneyland)
  87. Ride a gondola in Venice.
  88. Learn how to cartwheel.
  89. Go to Brazil and see the bird’s eye view of Brazil with Christ the Redeemer
  90. Eat original Chinese food in Binondo, Manila. (June 2011, Wai Ying)
  91. Visit the Forbidden City in China. (December 2013, Beijing China)
  92. Walk in the Great Wall of China. (December 2013, Beijing China)
  93. Make new friends abroad while traveling. (March 2011, Singapore-Malaysia; April 2012, Thailand-Cambodia)
  94. Love your own hero. Visit Jose Rizal in Luneta (January 2012, Manila)
  95. See the Spolarium (January 2012, National Museum)
  96. Go to London to see the Royal Family
  97. Go to NYC to see the Empire State Building, Times Square
  98. Watch a broadway show
  99. See the clear, cloudless, and unfoggy Golden Gate Bridge (January 2012, San Francisco)
  100. Walk amid the famous celebrities in Hollywood (December 2011, Hollywood)
  101. Visit the Sin City (December 2011, Las Vegas)
  102. Visit Nepal and Fly around Mt. Everest
  103. Go surfing in Hawaii
  104. Explore the lush greenness of New Zealand!
  105. Try out Brazilian wax. OUCH.  (May 2013)
  106. Go inside a mosque (March 2011, Malaysia)
  107. Go inside a Buddhist temple. (April 2012, Bangkok Thailand)
  108. Go inside a Hindu temple (April 2012, Angkor Wat Cambodia)
  109. Dine in a dinner cruise.  (April 2012, Chao Phraya River Cruise, Bangkok Thailand)
  110. Dance in front of a big audience (June 2011, Red Mass)
  111. Sing in front of a big audience
  112. Buy my own designer bag with my own money. (December 2011, Las Vegas)
  113. Secure the story of my travels in the spirit of thought preservation (January 2011, https://teachermiatravels.wordpress.com)
  114. Have a portrait of myself painted
  115. Spend Christmas day helping out
  116. Spend my birthday helping out
  117. Spend one night in a haunted house
  118. Eat spicy food without removing the source of spice
  119. Fall asleep on the sand (May 2011, Bataan)
  120. Allot a big amount of money and spend everything in one huge shopping spree (April 2012, Chatuchak Market Bangkok Thailand)
  121. Experience authentic Thai massage (April 2012, Bangkok Thailand)
  122. Watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat (April 2012, Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia)
  123. Smile at 100 strangers
  124. Become a live studio audience in a noon time show (March 2012, Eat Bulaga)
  125. Go to Amsterdam and let’s see what happens next.
  126. Bake my heart out, cook my heart out, all in one day!
  127. Have my own travel show and get paid to travel!
  128. Put up a foundation
  129. Travel without any plans, without any itinerary.
  130. Thank God everyday for such a blessed life! (Again, and again, thank you Lord!)

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  1. Oh… in that list I miss a visit to Spain… after all, the makulit conquistadores left some traditions in Philippines that you would surely recognize if you visit Spain, specially should you come in Semana Santa !

  2. Hey Mia! I just google around about Boracay and your wordpress pop up in my search. Honestly, you did share an awesome insights about Boracay! One of the most beautiful beach! I can’t wait to go to Boracay this coming May 2013! And it’s a pay-cation! Means I get to travel and get paid!

    After reading your blog, I really do wanna share with you about how I get to travel and get paid since you did share your insights..maybe i should return a favour! I can share you more details if you’re interested! 🙂

      • Hahaha yes it is! Okay, let me get straight to the point so you will have an idea of this awesome pay-cation! I’m actually one of the Director from Singapore. This is the company I’m representing, it’s called Worldventures from USA. We are the most successful pioneer team now in Asia Pacific and Worldwide. .

        Can I get your opinion about what I’m actually doing right now? Since I know you travel a alot 🙂

        You can watch a short video on my private personal website: http://www.private-invite.webs.com

        Maybe we can work on something together. Share this with your family too! 🙂

        Thanks hope to hear from you soon!

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