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A Piece of Santorini in Thunderbird Poro Point


And we took a bite on a piece of Santorini for our 8th anniversary.

Santorini, Greece has always been a dream destination for both Pao and I. Santorini is the epitome of a Greek island. Located in the southeastern part of the Greek mainland, it may be reached through a huge circular bay, which was once covered by an enormous volcano. But at some point during the 1500s, the volcano erupted, and with such brute force, a large amount of magma was ejected so the top of the mountain collapsed and the bay was formed from the sunken crater.

Pao and I have always wanted to explore Santorini and get lost in the traditional villages of the island built on tall cliffs, and just admire the priceless view the wonder brought by nature through the beauty brought over by disaster of the submerged volcano.

I just love the dome ceiling!

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