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Conquering Corregidor: A Piece of History in Every Step


There has always been something about Corregidor that aroused my curiosity.  Maybe it was the history, maybe it was the presence of paranormal events, or perhaps just the plain thrill-seeker in me. But whatever propelled me to visit Corregidor makes me really thankful that I made the right choice in choosing to visit Corregidor.

Corregidor is an island situated at the mouth of Manila Bay. It became a fortress for naval defense for the military due to its strategic location back in the time of World War 2. It has been deemed as “The Rock” because of its rocky terrain and its man-made fortifications.

Our journey to Corregidor was very convenient as we availed of a packaged tour by Sun Cruises where everything was almost included in the package.  We were ferried from Harbour Square at Manila Bay to Corregidor. It was a convenient 1 hour and 15-minute trip. Upon getting to Corregidor, we were picked up by beautiful tourist tranvias, complete with the geared-up security to fulfill the Corregidor experience.

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