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Baguio Weekend and the Chase for the Strawberry Taho


Almost all of us have a keep a happy memory of Baguio somewhere in our brain. Most of it, we ¬†would mostly relate with our childhood. Like Tagaytay, Baguio will always be a place that never gets old. It will always be a familiar place that could never satiate us. We can’t explain why, but maybe because of its friendly weather, or the comforting atmosphere, or maybe just because of the good memories. But whatever it is, we always find comfort in seeking refuge in the solitude that Baguio always brings, 5000 feet above sea level.

One random weekend, our spontaneity made our feet itch and made us hop on a 7 hour trip to Baguio. Pao did all the planning since I was so busy with the year-end requirements for my class. Weekends are always rewarding for me because I always make it a point that it will be my perfect time to relax and unwind. Pao made all of it possible by planning a spontaneous Baguio trip for both of us. With a last minute itinerary that I prepared, we were good to go!

Good thing we visited during the weekend before the Panagbenga Festival, when Baguio was not crowded and the weather was all sunny. With only our backpacks and bus-reclined-rested-bodies, we reacquainted ourselves with wonderful Baguio memories as we started off with Mines View Park to meet Baguio’s famous dog, Douglas the Saint Bernard. Mines View Park is perhaps one of the tourist friendly spots in Baguio as caters mostly for recreation and sight-seeing. It gives a breathtaking panoramic view of Benguet’s mountains along with its copper and gold mines.

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