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United States: Viva Las Vegas!


Spending Christmas for the first time without our dad was truly heartbreaking. To make things easier for all of us, my family decided to fly all together to the US to visit some relatives and spend Christmas there, in the company of one another.

Despite being jetlagged, I was more than enthusiastic to go sight-seeing during my first day in the US! First stop: the Sin City– Las Vegas. And I ecstatically welcomed myself to the fabulous Las Vegas, in which I was able to do two things that I greatly enjoyed– hotel hopping and outlet shopping!

Posing with the Abercrombie models idling around the Abercrombie store, waiting for eager shop-goers like me! hahaha.

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Manila, Manila: National Museum and Rizal Park


Every country has an official repository for its national treasures, archives, and mementos for all the precious historic moments that would encapsulate its history as a nation.

Pao and I have been enthusiastically visiting museums from abroad, and we felt very guilty for not having been able to visit our very own National Museum. Our conversations would normally include thoughts about visiting the National Museum but we did not actually make a concrete plan on when to actualize it.

One Saturday morning, Pao told me that he was going to take me to a place that we should urgently visit.  He told me it was a surprise and that I just needed to trust him and that I should just hop on the car. Being the obedient girl that I am (insert halo here), I willfully agreed and just held my breath in eager anticipation.

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