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Sagada, Mountain Province: Kiltepan Sunrise, Rock Farm, Echo Valley


If there’s a perfect place to commune with nature, I would always attribute Sagada with such majesty.


We woke early in the morning to witness one of the most breath-taking sunrise experiences in the world! We went up to Kiltepan Peak to surrender to the majesty of God’s wonders as we become grateful spectators of a sunrise that rises above a bed of clouds! This was definitely one of the best sunrise experiences of my life (next to that of Angkor Wat’s sunrise)

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Sagada, Mountain Province: Yoghurt House and Cave Connection


I must say that I did not expect that Sagada would surprise me. Sagada is just full of charm, wonder, and excitement; a place that not only welcomes soul-searchers and eager wanderers but also entertains extremists and adventurers at the same time.  I have always been a fan of adventure. I must say that Sagada  definitely contains the perfect mix of nature + adventure + lovely people + gastronomic food encounters. Put all of those together and you get such an amazing trip! The catch is… it will take you a 12 hour journey from Manila to get to this very beautiful piece of happiness!

With a last minute itinerary and an ever enthusiastic travel companion, we took on a 12-hour journey to the breath-taking Sagada. And the 12-hour trip did not seem tedious at all because of the exquisite landscapes and lush rice terraces that accompanied our journey. Seriously, oohs and aaahs will definitely fill your reverie as you journey towards the paradise in the mountains.

Chico River on the way to Sagada

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