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Coron Palawan: Black Island, Lusong Coral Garden, Lusong Gunboat


One thing I like best about traveling is the element of surprise that comes with every new place being explored. Perhaps we were directed to Coron for a better reason. We were so blessed to have been given the chance to experience paradise at its finest.


After a half-day tour in Calauit Safari, we were taken by out boat to Black Island.  After our one-on-one interaction with the animals, we headed to Black Island for lunch. Shrimps, crabs, and barbeque for lunch (still courtesy of our tour package)! How great is that? Black Island is just a few minutes away from Calauit, and I am not exaggerating when I say that the view of the island is simply exquisite. More than the view, Black Island is known as one of the best dive spots in Palawan. We were told that Black Island was named as such because of the color of limestone rocks that surround the island.

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