Coron Island: Kayangan Lake, Twin Peaks, Banol Beach, Skeleton Wreck


The saying “save the best for last” proves to be usually true for me for most things. But for the last leg of our Coron trip following our Calauit Safari and Black Island exploration, I chose to leave my expectations at a minimum and just simply surrender to the random travel experiences that become the greatest highlights of my trip. I just love how the randomness beautifully coincide in becoming a concoction of my life’s sweetest surprises and pleasures!

Coron Island is the third largest island in the Calamian Group of Islands, in Northern Palawan. The island is surrounded by a series of limestone karst rock formations. From a distance, it may just look like a gigantic but picturesque limestone karst rock cliff, but when you go closer, the beauty of the series of limestones will amaze you. It’s like you are welcomed to a maze filled with beautiful limestone formations waiting to be explored.

Coron Island is a whole lot different from Coron Town which is the heart of Busuanga and the center of business and trade. Coron Island is where most of the popular attractions are. It is just a 10 minute boat ride away from Coron Town.

Coron Island is sacred to its natives and is protected by the Tagbanua people, one of the oldest tribes in the Philippines. The Tagbanuas can be mainly found in the central and northern parts of Palawan. Because Coron Island is deemed sacred by the Tagbanua people, the sights to be explored in the island are protected and kept in good condition. Thus, not all lagoons and lakes are readily accessible to tourists to preserve the sacredness and beauty of their prized natural resources (which I think was a good thing to enforce).

Native Tagbanuas and their native hut

Our boat man decided to go to Kayangan Lake as the first stop in our itinerary. Because we started early morning, he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the lake in solitude, without the hassle of sharing the beautiful slice of paradise with waves of tourists. God was so good to have given us that boat man who clearly had presence of mind to make us maximize our day and our visit to Coron.

Do’s and Dont’s in Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake is probably one of the best (probably most popular also) spots to see in Coron for most tourists. I could say that it has now become one of my personal favorite destinations! It has that awe-inspiring factor that would just leave your jaw hanging in amazement just because it is that kind of beautiful. It is also known as the Blue Lagoon and is said as the cleanest lake in the entire Philippines.

To see the excellent view, we had to push ourselves 200 steep steps up and stopped at the Kayangan cave. Upon getting there, all we could do was just to marvel and get astounded at such a picturesque view of Coron’s outlying islands. That very spot is where Coron’s iconic view is captured as that part is usually Coron’s most photographed part of the island.

Inside Kayangan Cave

In my personal opinion, the view of Coron’s Kayangan Lake is very much similar with Vietnam’s Halong Bay (declared as one of the Seven Wonders), or maybe, even better! Upon going down the mountainous steps, we found ourselves happily swimming in the fresh turquoise waters of Kayangan Lake.

Halong Bay (left) VS. Kayangan Lake (Right) *Halong Bay photo from the internet.

Swimming in the Turquoise waters of Kayangan Lake

After enjoying the fresh and clean waters of Kayangan lake, we were taken to Twin Peaks. We had a great time treading and snorkeling in Twin Peaks, a beautiful snorkeling spot, as we were greeted by colorful corals and schools of fishes. Along with the enjoyment of playing around with the fishes amidst beautiful and colorful corals, there is a challenge to resist the water current as the current can get really strong. Remember to stay close to your boat if you do not want to get taken by the strong current.

The corals could readily be seen from above the water!

Banol Beach is a small beach perfect for picnics, and is the very reason why we headed to Banol Beach for lunch. Crabs, freshly catched fish, and liempo picnic on a beautiful island!

The view of Banol Beach being approached by the boat

Banol Beach, you are beautiful!

Our hearty seafood lunch by the beach!

After a hearty lunch, we headed to the Skeleton Wreck to marvel once more at Coron’s underwater haven. Coron is a popular wreck-diving site. The World War 2 ship wreck is now home to a variety of fishes and corals. We also had to play patintero while swimming because there were lots of sea urchins sitting on the corals near the shallow water. Again, I would like to emphasize that Coron fishes are extra friendly, they try to go around your body, swim playfully around your palm, and just play with you like crazy. It was such a fun and truly memorable experience!

Wading through Skeleton Wreck!

To cap off the day, we ended with a visit to the Twin Lagoon. The Twin Lagoon is where we felt the best of both worlds as cold FRESH water meets warm SALT water in which the cold water settles on top. The water looks oily, but in reality, cold fresh water gets mixed with warm sea water. Who ever thought that was possible?  I, myself, never thought freezing cold water cascading from the huge limestones could ever mix with the warm saltwater from the lagoon. The Twin Lagoon got its name because you have to swim though an opening that would only be visible during low tide to reach the other lagoon. You have to visit Coron to understand it, and get amazed! (If only I still had my underwater camera with me! I would’ve captured how priceless the experience was)

Tagbanuas protect the sacredness of the Twin Lagoons

Coron is truly exquisite! I found myself in love with the place, and I will definitely go back to Coron, in a heartbeat!


07:00AM Breakfast at the hotel
08:00-08:30AM Pick-up time
10min transfer from the hotel to boat docking area
15 minutes boat ride to: TWIN LAGOON
Length of stay: 45 minutes
Activities: snorkeling & swimming through a hole from one to another majestic & enchanting lagoon
10 minutes boat ride to: CYC BEACH
Length of stay: 30 minutes
Activities: island  exploring, photo-shooting, beach walking, sightseeing
10 minutes boat ride to: SKELETON WRECK
Length of stay: 45 minutes
Activities: swimming, snorkeling and fish-feeding of fishes thriving at skeleton wreck
10 minutes boat ride to: BANOL BEACH
Length of stay: 2 hours
Activities: lunch, swimming, photo-shooting, relaxing, siesta
15 minutes boat ride to: KAYANGAN LAKE
Length of stay: 1 hour & 30 minutes
Activities: easy trekking, photo-shooting, swimming & snorkeling at the lake
10 minutes boat ride to: TWIN PEAKS REEFS
Length of stay: 1 hour
Activities: swimming & snorkeling to the marine park to view colorful & diverse corals  and fishes under water
10min boat ride back toCoronTown
05:00PM End of the tour

How to get there:


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    • Hello Ellie! We got a tour package for Calamian Islands Travel and Tours. 🙂 I could say they deserve to be well-recommended as they really take good care of their guests. 🙂

      • It’s nice to know somebody who is very fond of travelling because i share the same enthusiasm. I have traveled much of our country already and it is a cherised experience.


      • Hi Jim! Yes! Travelling definitely is one of my life’s greatest passions and I would really want to see each and every bit of this beautiful country in this beautiful world!

        What’s your favorite destination so far?

  1. Hi Mia,

    I will be traveling to coron from the 25th to the 29th of December with my kids because this frontier is my favorite among the awesome islands that we have. Our country is simply majestic from batanes to basilan and it’s worth discovering from my own point of view but unfortunately due to greedy activities, the natural wonders are being exploited and spoiled. It is really fun to go island hopping especially when the boat leaves you in an island unplanned and comes back the following day saying that he thought that you have instructed him to come back the following day. The island does not have any hotel, so we slept in front of a very small sari-sari store owned by one of natives. Whew, but it was a nice unexpected experience.


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