Surf’s Up in San Juan, La Union


San Juan La Union is known as the Surfing Capital of Northern Philippines. It has lately become a convenient go-to destination among locals as it gains popularity as one of the Philippines’ Surfing Hotspot.And a town dubbed as such was definitely a tempting option that was hard to resist! We just had to visit San Juan after staying in the neighboring town, San Fernando La Union.

After an exquisite breakaway in our local Santorini, the heaven on earth called Thunderbird Resort located in Poro Point, La Union, I just couldn’t resist the urge of traveling to the next town to get a refresher on the art of riding waves– surfing.

It was raining cat and dogs when we left Thunderbird. Thankfully, we availed of the shuttle service from the resort towards our surf resort in San Juan for a fee of Php 500.00 (for the entire vehicle regardless of the number of people riding the vehicle). Taking the shuttle was such a good decision considering the heavy downpour that we were supposed to face if we opted to take a normal commute route.

And by the time we got in San Juan as we checked-in at Little Surfmaid Resort (in Barangay Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union), it was still raining like crazy and I even caught a slight bout of fever. But knowing my usual eager spirit, I did not let those circumstances rain on my parade despite feeling immensely cold due to my fever. I knew I had to slow down and just surrender to taking a nap as it is probably is the best remedy to what I was feeling. It just took a tablet of paracetamol and a few hours of napping to help me get back in the game. And when I woke up, everything seemed to get better– no more fever, and the priceless glimpse of the afternoon sunshine by the window. God is sooo good!

And just like that, God gave us such a beautiful weather!

Upon seeing the sun, I immediately persuaded Pao if we could take a stroll by the beach. And knowing his usual permitting nature, he immediately agreed as we were off to see the beach to admire the professional surfers riding the waves so gracefully.

So thankful because the rain finally stopped!

Some children doing what they’re good at! Skimboarding!

It was such a sweet surprise to run into friends!

Because it was the long weekend, the seawater brimming with such huge waves was crowded with eager wave-riders! And it was such a great delight to see old friends surfing to their heart’s happiness. No wonder they usually refer to the adjective “stoked” to describe the feeling surfers ascribe to when surfing.

And we were stoked too, the next morning! The weather was lovelier, waves were better, and the sun was brighter. It was as if God destined that day for us to commune with the waves and reacquaint ourselves with the beauty and wonder of surfing. We were blessed to be able to visit in August where the waves are known for its consistent quality from July to October and November to March!

Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of any of us successfully riding on our surfboards because we did not have a photographer or an eager friend to take our photos.  Perhaps on our next visit, because we promised ourselves that we were definitely coming back!

Before going home, Pao made sure to purchase one of the cute surf shirts from Lemon Surf Shop inside Little Surfmaid Resort. He considers it his souvenir of accomplishment for doing a job well done in standing on the surfboard!

Thank God, for the beauty of the Philippine islands!

Getting There:

Via Bus

  • Hop on a bus headed for Laoag, La Union or Vigan.
  • Go down in San Juan (Surf resorts are conveniently located along MacArthur Highway, and you could ask to be dropped off in front of the resort of your choice)

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