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“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.” -Erol Ozan

We did not need to get lost because we already were captivated by this beautiful and untouched island. We discovered a secret paradise called Islas de Gigantes humbly tucked in Carles, Iloilo, the scallops capital of the Philippines (Yes, that’s right, seafood feast everyday!) In taking the road less traveled, we got to discover that there is beauty in between the long journey, the anticipation of arrival, and getting lost in the beauty of nature in its most alluring state– untouched.


Bicol Adventure 2014


“Whenever possible, we always choose adventure”

The passion for new experiences will always be openly welcomed as we covered the southern part of Bicol in 4 days with our Naga-Legazpi-Donsol-Caramoan leg of this fun trip. Highlighted by the ever-majestic views of the Mayon volcano, the challenge of chasing and swimming with whale sharks in their natural habitat, and exploring the powdery white beaches of the Philippine islands further compelled our eager spirits to love the Philippines more and more!

Showcasing our gratefulness with our 3 minutes of happiness as we share with you how blessed we are to have such a beautiful country! Here’s us tinkering with the wonders of GoPro! More videos coming soon!

Why I will always choose the Philippines


After seeing this video from the local news, I cried, I cried not because I am over reacting, but because I am just so blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful destinations just right outside my doorstep (And I can’t wait to visit them all!)

The Philippines is truly more than the negative publicity that the international media projects towards it. It is home to the most unique and exquisite tourist destinations, pristine blue beaches, and unforgettable gastronomic encounters. And best of all, It is home to the warmest and brightest of people, the very asset of a nation.

Watch this video to get a glimpse of what you may want to expect in the Philippines.