Bangkok, Thailand: Chatuchak Weekend Market and Siam Square Shopping!


Retail therapy while on vacation signals the culmination of a wonderful vacation. Well, at least for me.  It is like an added bonus, the icing to the cake, and a rewarding experience at the end of every trip. And I am grateful every time, because at the end of every trip, I am blessed to have extra money to spend to allow me to buy and experience their culture of shopping  so that I will not go home empty handed.


And yes, Bangkok is known as one of the best shopping destinations in the whole world. And when you say bargain hunting for shopping, it could get pretty synonymous to Chatcuchak Market in Northern Bangkok. Chatuchak Market is a weekend market and is considered as one of the largest and most spectacular markets in the whole world. Yes, how awesome is that?

Chatuchak is dubbed as a weekend market precisely because of the fact that it is only open during Saturday and Sunday. It is sprawling. Yes, sprawling because it covers an area of 35 acres with more than 10,000 stalls selling just about anything you can imagine! You can find anything that you would like to find from clothes, pets, shoes, fake designer bags, souvenirs, treats, food, fresh sea food, refreshments, textiles, antiques, furniture, beddings, kitchenware, and soooo much more. But unfortunately, even spending the entire day in Chatuchak still would still not be enough for you to be able to fully go through all the stalls. You may need to visit each weekend of the year for you to be able to know the market by heart! Truly, a visit to Chatuchak Market is a highly sensory experience where all your senses are heightened as every bargain would excite the adrenaline.

And yes, we went crazy. Crazy would be an understatement because we loved every single moment we spent in Chatuchak! I couldn’t even believe it that even Pao went super crazy with shopping. And I am not even exaggerating! This may only show how versatile Chatuchak is as everyone from all walks of life can possibly find their happy place somewhere inside the market. Perhaps the experience was just purely liberating. The experience was like giving a little kid Php 10,000.00 in a candy store! And I, being that kid, will definitely go back to Chatuchak in a heartbeat. And it was that moment when you just shriek in excitement, get overly giddy, and just allow yourself to go crazy in the spirit of retail therapy—every girl’s best friend.

We had the time of our life!

Drooling over accessories!

Drooling over accessories!

Colorful leather wallets!

Thailand treats and goodies!

We also happened to eat the yummy Chicken Sticky Rice in one of the food stalls in Chatuchak! It was superrrrr yummy and the taste still lingers in my mouth until now!

Yummy Sticky Rice for like 30 baht!


During our first few days in Bangkok, we visited MBK, Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery! Siam Square is a shopping and entertainment destination in the Siam District of Bangkok, Thailand. Siam Square connects to other shopping destinations and conveniently links to the other shopping districts by sky bridge, such as Siam Center/Siam Discovery Center, MBK Center, Siam Paragon, Ratchaprasong shopping district and Sukhumvit Road. The shopping was of course unlike Chatuchak but equally rewarding as well, given the proper factors in shopping enjoyment– constant supply of “funds”

Getting close with Mr. Cruise!

Clowning Around with Jim Carrey!

We also happened to taste one of the best tasting Pad Thais we’ve ever tasted in our life as we sampled one in Tha Siam Restaurant in Siam Center!

Bangkok truly welcomed us warmly, and yes, shopping was indeed one of the memorable experiences we encountered, and truly, we would oblige to bring ourselves back to Bangkok to get another dose of happy memories.

Shopping happiness!

Truly, all great vacations come to an end. But it was not a lost cause as we were able to come home, twice as happy as we left– now with richer experiences, broader perspective, and greater knowledge about the world.


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    • You should be very excited! Bangkok warmly welcomes everyone who visits them! You’d find a piece of Bangkok that you will love in your own way! 🙂 Make a side trip to the Philippines too! 🙂 We have the best beaches!

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