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United States: Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood


As the clock inevitably ticks minute by minute,  signifying my last remaining hours looming closer almost coming to an end, I knew I just had to make the most out of what is left of the remaining hours of my trip. (Did it sound like I was almost dying?) What better way to explore the city by taking a tour downtown, exploring awesome spots and experiencing the richness of the culture all by foot (and public transit)!  My friend Abbie, my very good friend from college took on this very noble duty as she sponsored our whole walking city tour! And oh wow, Los Angeles is indeed beautiful!

My good friend Abbie and I

I experienced the train ride going to downtown LA, my very first (and also my last) subway ride throughout my entire stay in the United States. Downtown Los Angeles is the central business district in the central area of LA. No wonder I got myself super excited and ecstatic upon alighting from the subway towards the city as my eyes feasted on the various sights around me. The towering skyscrapers were complemented by the beautiful landscaping of greens, thus making a visually appealing city. I would call it beautiful, Los Angeles’ very own “concrete jungle”.

Here’s what greeted me straight from the subway!

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