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Because my siblings and I are naturally children-at-heart, it’s just a natural thing for us to come to love theme parks, hence we just knew it was mandatory for us to visit  another theme park even if we already came from Disneyland California the previous day. Because my aunt’s house was just near Hollywood, we knew we just had to see Universal Studios Hollywood for ourselves!

Disneyland will always reside in a special place in my heart as it will always be the happiest place on earth for me. Perhaps the bar was placed on a higher level  because we have all come from a world-class theme park the previous day. As I set foot on Universal Studios Hollywood, I found myself entertained as I was generally amused with my encounters of the different cartoon characters with such crazy dispositions. Name the Universal Studios cartoon character/ mascot, yes, I chased them just so I could have a photo of myself with them. What is cherishing priceless memories? Hahaha. Seize the day at its finest.

Meet-and-greet one-too-many!

Universal Studios Hollywood was entertaining, but I personally think it could do better. The rides were generally amusing, but most of the rides were just the same rides available in Universal Studios Singapore, its successor.  But if I were to compare it with Universal Studios Singapore, I would give the one in Singapore more votes and plus points when it comes to the intensity and level of exhilaration for the rides. Perhaps because the Universal Studios in Singapore may be newer, hence making the park and its facilities new, high-tech, and state-of-the-art. Hence, I think it would be high time for the management of Universal Studios Hollywood to redefine the theme park experience in Hollywood– more intensity, more exhilaration, more fun! But nevertheless, the experience was still worthwhile and very much memorable because of the sights I saw and the experiences I made.

Perhaps what made the Universal Studios Hollywood unique was their Universal Studios Studio Tour. Universal Studios Singapore does not have this feature  available in their theme park, and it was actually my first time to experience the tour in Hollywood!

Perhaps because the primary location of Universal Studios was Hollywood,  it used its resources to make something fun out of the primary industry in Hollywood–movie making! It basically A RIDE that toured the audience on a real and live studio set of all the Hollywood movies, TV shows, etc. It was literally like beyond the 4D experience because everything presented before you is super real! Its special effects were real and flashed directly to the audience. There were real floods, thunderstorms, fires, earthquakes, animals gone wild, and all you could ever think off! Name TV show under Universal, they have the set for that show! Everything felt so real, I felt as if I was personally a part of a Hollywood movie shoot. Pwede na ko maging artista! HAHAHAHA

The real studio sets used for movies, tv shows, etc.
See the Scooby Doo cast? They are the real cast!

It’s beyond real! Special effects coming to life!

Set for the TV show, Desperate Housewives

The set for the movie “Jaws”

The set for Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, “Psycho” Spot the Psycho actor at the background!

Various cars used for some Hollywood movies. Fast and the Furious cars included!

Like the one in Singapore, Universal Studios Hollywood also had their own Water World. But I observed that the men who had water guns were particularly very careful in shooting water from their guns, even to the people who willingly submitted themselves to get wet in the wet zone. Yes, they got wet, but not drenched (as compared to the one in Singapore)

I also loved Universal Studios Hollywood’s Krustyland! If you grew up watching the Simpson’s you would appreciate Krustyland as much as I did!  But the queue to get to the actual ride itself is actually very long (at the time of our visit) but it was still a fun ride despite the very long wait!

It may be said that the general layout of the theme park is visually appealing therefore encouraging lots of photo opportunities for all its eager visitors! Of course, I would not let an opportunity like this pass!

Playing with these two naughty boys in Kwik-E Mart

Strolling around Paris!

Parading around London!

Generally, Universal Studios Hollywood still gave us a fun time, despite its not-so-intense rides. It has its own shares of strengths and weaknesses, but for those who just want a day of good vibes, it may still be recommended to pay Universal Studios Hollywood a visit. However, I would still encourage the management to improve their facilities in the soonest possible time. 🙂


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