United States: Coronado, San Diego


San Diego took my breath away! Known for its small-town feel and pristine beaches, Coronado proves that it is definitely a must-visit destination for all tourists! Coronado was developed in 1888 as an affluent beach resort town and boasts of its beautiful beaches basking in warm and endless sunshine all year long. The feeling of setting foot in Coronado was so surreal; like being able to travel back in 1888 with its beautiful man-made structures, houses, and dainty architecture. No wonder, Coronado has been dubbed as “The Crown City” (Coronado is Spanish for “the crowned one”) which makes it an ideal place for many tourists.

We took a stop over in South Coast Winery in Temecula before heading to San Diego as California is known for its world class wines. It’s my first time to visit a vineyard hence usual curiosity over novel things and how things are made. But because it was winter, the grapevines were wilted and were not in full bloom. But nevertheless, the vineyard was still a very wonderful sight to see!

After South Coast Winery, we drove for around 2.5 hours to get to Coronado in San Diego. And wow, it was like I woke up to a movie set filled with charming small-town quaintness adorned with many dainty gardens and historic old-world mansions. To add to the dreamlike vibe of the town were the magnificent vivid blue ocean view and the warm sunset view at the boardwalk. It was hard to resist letting my jaw drop. It was indeed “too good to be true”

Of course we would not let the opportunity pass as we visited two world famous architectural marvels present in Coronado, the historic Hotel del Coronado and the San Diego-Coronado Bridge.

Hotel del Coronado (also known as “The Del” or “Hotel Del”) was built in 1888 and was then the largest resort hotel in the world. At present, it is a designated a National Historic Landmark (dubbed in 1977) as it is one of the few surviving beach resorts featuring the Victorian architecture. The hotel immortalizes its fascinating and glorious past which includes lots of royalty, politicians, scandals, ghosts and celebrities. It sits in front of the San Diego Bay thus providing only the luxurious accommodation to the affluent members of society.

The whole fambam!

Lovely sunset at the beach walk!

The San Diego-Coronado Bridge is also a man-made marvel situated in Coronado and is the perfect way to get to the island of Coronado. It provides awesome views that seems like you are going to end up in the ocean across the bridge. The bridge is also situated at a high elevation so that ships can pass underneath without having to move

Towards the evening, after much admiration over Coronado, we flocked towards the shops in Orange Avenue while we headed to Seaport Village.

Orange Avenue is so hipster!

Seaport Village

Watching the night sky at Seaport Village

Posing with my Nutcracker date! 😀


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