Manos Greek Taverna, Tagaytay


I have always dreamed of going to Santorini in Greece, I have always wanted to explore it and get lost in the traditional villages of the island built on tall cliffs, and just leave my jaw hanging on the view over the submerged volcano. That is why I was so happy when we discovered by coincidence a little piece of Greece humbly tucked in Tagaytay. Manos Greek Taverna is similar to Santorini in a way, and a little imagination was very much helpful to make our recent discovery  very much worthwhile.

Special thanks to our boredom one Saturday morning, we decided to take on a spontaneous road trip to Tagaytay. We discovered Manos Greek Taverna and found ourselves in one of Tagaytay’s best kept secrets. We were just taking a stroll along Tagaytay and noticed a quaint Greek bed and breakfast at the side of the road. We willingly indulged to its humble invitation, and lo and behold, we discovered a great place to lounge around and relax.

How can you resist this kind of view?

Their rooms entice you to commune with nature as you indulge in the breathtaking view of the Taal Lake and eventually snooze due to great comfort and beautiful interiors of the rooms.

They have a modern Greek inspired room which immediately faces the beautiful view of the lush green pastures just beside the Taal lake.

They also have a fusion of Asian inspired rooms which are very big and comfortable.

More than the comfortable rooms, they highly specialize in providing gastronomic experiences on Greek food priced reasonably presented alongside Tagaytay’s breathtaking view. We highly recommend their Moussaka and Hellenic salad!  Try out their lamb too!

Yummy Hellenic Salad with generous tidbits of cottage cheese

Truly Authentic Moussaka


Grilled Souvlaki

If one day, you find the urge to escape from the city and just surrender to a day of peace and quiet, I recommend you to take a visit to Manos Greek Taverna and Hotel. And if one day, you find the urge to go to Greece and still have no means on how to get there, Manos Greek Taverna and Hotel shall suffice for the mean time.

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    • Hi John Ray! 🙂

      Thank you for dropping by! Please do visit it especially if you are looking for a place to relax, unwind, and seek solitude. 🙂 It’s very close to nature and it’s greatly complemented by their authentic Greek food! It’s owned and managed by a Greek! I hope you have a blast when you visit. Let me know what you think about it.

      Btw, at night, because it is very close to the slopes of Tagaytay, some bugs tend to penetrate the screen doors and windows, which is also protected by glass doors and windows. But don’t worry, the bugs are not harmful kind. They just stay near the door and only a minute portion get to penetrate.

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    • I am sorry to inform you that as of present day, they closed down already. They moved to the other side, and built a hotel, devoid of any contact with nature. 😦

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