Morong, Bataan


Just the other day, I was thinking about how blessed I am to have been born in the Philippines, a tropical country with limitless sceneries to explore and marvel about. The Philippines never ceases to amaze me all the time. Its 7,107 islands is just very tempting to explore and discover, and I will visit them, one island at a time.

With the waters of the West Philippine Sea crashing on its shores, Bataan delivers the possibility of a tropical adventure, a breather from the remnants of the historical Bataan Death March. Bataan is home to white sand beaches, although not powdery white, but nevertheless a perfect escape from the city.

Coral View Beach Resort

Together with a bunch of high school friends (and their plus ones), we took an day-trip adventure to Coral View Beach Resort in Morong, Bataan. We were greeted by the smiling morning sun as it happily welcomed us to go basking under the blue skies and the beaming sun. I love the summer here in the Philippines! It’s never mediocre and always highly positive! Like all the summer days, it was a perfect day to lounge around the beach and just appreciate the warmth of the sun. And we did not waste any time spending quality time under the sun’s happiness!

I am extremely happy about sunny weather. As long as it is sunny, I no longer feel any apprehensions because I can fully enjoy the beach (and take nice pictures too! The sun makes beach pictures really beautiful!) As you make a visit to Coral View, just keep your expectations at a minimum because it is not a high-end beach resort. It is very much a public resort where you share everything, from the shore, to the sand, to the cottages, and the public bathrooms. But in the spirit of group outings, I think as long as you’re with good company, the mood will always stay fine!

From sun up to sun down, we lounged around and even comfortably fell asleep on the sandy shores of Coral View. This beach adventure in Bataan was perfect for chilling out. So for those who are looking for a place for chill out beach resort on a budget, Coral View may be one of the possible options to consider the next time you plan a trip.

Catch the beautiful sunset!

Define relaxing

Pros and Cons:

  • (+) It’s a decent beach with nice cool waters. Whether it’s a high end or budget beach trip, Morong Bataan resorts share the same shoreline and the same water.
  • (+) It’s perfect for family trips, barkada trips, group trips, and company outings. They have amenities, cottages, and rooms to cater to big groups.
  • (+) It’s very affordable.
  • (-) It is not a high-end beach resort, so do not expect the first class services. You get what you pay for.
  • (-) Due to its capacity to accept big groups, the beach and the cottages may get crowded, hence, you have to share most services and amenities with the general public.

GETTING THERE:Β  Coral View Beach Resort, Morong, Bataan

  • Take NLEX, exit at San Fernando, pass Lubao (Pampanga), go straight until the Dinalupihan (Bataan) junction, turn right and go further until the Subic Tipo Expressway entrance to the left.
  • Go inside SBMA, follow the highway running parallel to Subic Bay at the right, pass the airport, follow the sharp left curve of the road at the end of the airport compound, pass Triboa Bay (APEC Villas, follow the winding road until you exit SBMA via its South (Morong) Gate.
  • Once outside, follow the winding road until you reach a junction. Turn right at this first corner, this is the road going to Morong, Bataan town proper. Once you reach the town, turn right going to the town hall, then turn left after the church. The entrance to Coralview is at the end of that road.
Php 100 Entrance Fee for Day Trip Guests

About Mia G.

Teacher Mia. A Happy Girl. Chaser of dreams. Believer of living out each beautiful dream. A Full-time Preschool Teacher with a part-time job of being a happy traveler and wanderer. Co-founder of Destination Getaways Travel and Tours! A Proud Filipina who wants to travel the world one place at a time, one breathtaking moment at a time. Join the personal accounts of my adventures and misadventures and random experiences in our big and beautiful classroom-- the world. Share my experiences on spontaneity, excitement, adventure, travel, exploration, gastronomic encounters, and everything in between!

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  1. Hi, can I use your photos on our FB page? Our company outing will be held in this resort. Please advise if it’s ok! Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Rachel. Yes you may. But keep your expectations at a minimum since it is not a first class resort and many company outings are being held on the same days.

  2. The place looked so pretty when you blogged about it. Me and my friends went and we were very disappointed with everything. Baka super wrong timing kasi ang daming tao pero, yeah.

    • Hi Twitch! I’m sorry if you had high expectations, but I didn’t mean to give you false hopes about the place. I just wrote about it as how we experienced it. At the time of our visit, it was generally okay. But I kept reiterating again and again that it is the kind of beach where you should keep your expectations at a minimum. Maybe when you visited, perhaps a weekend, it was crowded with company outings?

      “(-) It is not a high-end beach resort, so do not expect the first class services. You get what you pay for.
      (-) Due to its capacity to accept big groups, the beach and the cottages may get crowded, hence, you have to share most services and amenities with the general public.”

      Anyway, there are still lots of beaches around the Philippines. We just have to keep exploring. πŸ™‚

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