Bugis Street and Bugis Junction


We were able to go back in one piece to Singapore after experiencing the nightmare crossing the Malaysia to Singapore border.  Thankfully, we got back in Singapore around 11 pm, but that did not stop us from having our last round of experiencing Singaporean culture– around 11 pm, we strolled around and found ourselves happily lost in the street hawkers of Singapore. Yum yum!  For a good 1 Singaporean dollar, you can get yourself a hot midnight snack which is a perfect match to great company!

Singaporean Hawker Midnight snack and one of the best Siopao I've ever tasted!

Around 1 am, just around the right time we go back to our hotel to finally hit the sacks to prepare for the last day in Singapore.

And what better way to spend the last day in Singapore than by spending it over shopping— it still reflects a part of their culture right? (And I do sound like a girl who justifies shopping as a form of celebrating culture). Ding ding ding! If you’re shopping for electronics, Singapore is the place to be! Big, big, big discounts await you!

For our very last bus ride in Singapore, we boarded a passenger bus to Bugis around 9 am. We headed towards Capita Mall in Bugis Junction but we were still so early so we had to wait for the mall to open at 10:00 AM. We allowed time to pass by while eating our breakfast in McDonald’s. And finally the clock hit 10:00 AM, and I knew it was the time to go gaga and ooh-la-la!

Bugis Street is deemed as the “largest street-shopping location in Singapore”. (All the words inside the quotation marks managed to excite every bit of my being! Ding ding ding!) Of course, we could not leave Singapore without experiencing our last round of pasalubong shopping and personal shopping in Bugis Junction and Bugis Street. And yes, we had the time of our lives as we experienced retail therapy at its best with our very reasonable finds.

We strolled around spotting local Singaporean brands, and other brands imported into Singapore. I managed to compare prices between shopping in Singapore vs shopping in the Philippines for the same piece of clothing, and I came into conclusion that I would save around 300-500 pesos if I bought it in Singapore. (Upon getting back here in the Philippines, I was able to confirm that it was a good decision purchasing the items in Singapore.) But it pays to be always wise on spending. Sometimes, some items abroad are cheaper in your home country. Sometimes, some items are cheaper to buy abroad. Make sure to be wary of the items and their current market price to get the best value for your money.

After rummaging through the mall stalls in Bugis Junction. We finally found our way to Bugis Street. And yes, this was the point that I went gaga ooh lala! From watches, to souvenir shirts, to shoes, and dresses, Bugis Street is definitely the place to be and lives up to the name “largest street-shopping location in Singapore”. And my favorite thing about Bugis Street is that everything is fairly cheap and reasonable without sacrificing the quality of the item.

But I think the best deals for me were the 10 dollar dresses and the 10 dollar bags. There were different stalls selling REALLY PRETTY 10 dollar dresses and REALLY NICE 10 dollar bags. I went crazy with all the dresses and I think I bought around 8 pieces of dresses in a heart beat. (If converted to Philippine pesos, 10 dollars would be roughly around 300-350 pesos). And that’s a good deal, considering the design and quality of the dresses. Up to now, I haven’t seen the same dresses here in the Philippines. Not even the design!

From Novelty Shops

To 10-dollar clothes

Men can go shopping too!

To shoes

I also bought souvenir t-shirts as pasalubong (homecoming gift) to my friends. Pasalubong is a widely practiced tradition here in the Philippines. It can be nearly anything just as long as it is meant as a gift after being away for a period of time. As pasalubong, I bought my loved ones souvenir shirts and keychains. 3 shirts for 10 dollars.

3 for 10 dollars Souvenir shirts are ubiquitous in Bugis

We spent the whole day walking around while trying to get our best bargains. I was pretty much satisfied with my share of retail therapy, but Pao seemed that we shopped very little and would’ve gone through the entire day shopping if we did not have to rush to the airport by 2:30 pm for our 5:10 pm flight.

My lunch!!!

Tip: If you are going to hail a cab going to the airport, do not get the cabs that have a flagdown rate of 9 dollars at the start of the meter. There are lots of other cabs that can bring you to the airport for a lesser fee. But I guess, because we were in a rush all the way from Bugis to our hotel, handcarrying all our newly-shopped items, we tried to hail the next available cab and did not realize how expensive the cab was. For the record, we hailed a MERCEDES BENZ cab to take us to the airport. (Precisely the reason why we spent around 400 pesos for a cab ride to the airport)

But nevertheless, at the end of a good vacation, I am still very much thankful about the small trinkets and small memorabilia that I could get to bring home with me.

Thank you Bugis, Thank you Singapore, I’ve had my fair share of shopping in a wonderland of awesomeness.

Souvenirs at the Changi Airport

While waiting for our flight back to Manila, I stumbled upon these cute Singapore souvenirs!

Thank you Singapore! We had an awesome trip!


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  1. hello teacher mia. hehe pinoy din ako like you. and il be in singapore ds january. nabasa ko sayo abt yung bugis. tanong ko lang, may mga nakita ka bang chocolate shops sa bugis street? 🙂 thanks much. merry christmas!:)

    • Hi! I am very sorry for my late reply. I’m sorry po, I didn’t notice if there were chocolate shops along Bugis. But I’m very sure outside Universal Studios, doon po marami! 🙂

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