Super Typhoon versus the Long Weekend


The Philippines is a tropical country, therefore, it experiences two kinds of seasons for the whole year– wet season and dry season. For this reason, most travel plans are usually set in the dry months, January to May and the wet months of June-September are usually a period of hibernation for travel. But for me, I still consider August a good month for travel, even if it is occasionally visited by several typhoons. Being used to tropical disturbances like typhoons, I thought that it was alright to plan a trip as I was capitalizing on the long weekend coming up.

I managed to book two airline tickets to different destinations for the month of August. The weekend of 20-22 August was intended for a trip to Dumaguete and Siquijor, while the long weekend of 27-30 August was planned for a trip to the Cagayan Valley. And both of the trips did not push through. I was not able to push through with Dumaguete due to conflict with work schedule– which I very well understood and openly accepted. However, I had a very heart accepting the fact  that I won’t be able to go to Cagayan Valley anymore for the long weekend because of the recently announced arrival of the super typhoon.

As I am writing this, the Philippines is currently being perturbed by a great tropical disturbance, Super Typhoon Mina (International Name: Nanmadol), and I cannot help but express my intense sadness (more like depression) about my botched trip to the Cagayan Valley. More so for the people who will be affected by the forthcoming typhoon. There’s an intense emphasis on the keyword SUPER TYPHOON. Hence, all trips towards the Northern Luzon are discouraged and all residents in the said area are cautioned to move to safer ground.

Clearly, we cannot fly to Cagayan Valley, because it's under Category 5

As you can see from the satellite image, the Super Typhoon Mina is eating up the whole of the Luzon and even some parts of the Visayas. And Cagayan Valley is located at the tip of the Northern Luzon which makes all trips up North very impossible. As we speak, Public Storm Signal Number 4 is raised in Cagayan Valley. For the longest time, I cannot recall anymore when the last Public Storm Signal Number 4 was raised in the Philippines. This must really be a serious matter to be considered and just surrender to the fact that the Super Typhoon Mina shall hover over the skies of Northern Luzon for the rest of the weekend. With this, my heart goes out to all those who are residing in the Northern Luzon area. May the good Lord cover you with his precious blood and keep you safe and away from all possible harm.

The Filipino work force does not anymore get privileges of long weekends ever since there was a transition of power and presidency. That’s why this long weekend was very much anticipated especially by the Filipino working force. But all weekend plans would have to be cancelled, due to this current weather disturbance.

Nothing to do but just to surrender! I do not remember anymore when the last Public Storm Signal 4 was raised in the Philippines!

God is  good.

As of this post, Cebu Pacific just sent a text message to my mobile number, informing me that my flight was just cancelled.  But I know that God has better plans for me, and He knows the best for me. Thy will be done!

What I Learned:

  • Always prioritize your safety. No matter if you’re going to Paris or Batanes or just Batangas, consider that the weather plays a big role in your trip. No matter how prepared you are, the weather will always serve as the icing to the cake. You can always push through with your trip another time, but your life could never ever be replaced once you fall casualty to a natural disaster. BE CAREFUL and BE MINDFUL.
  • When planning a trip, it may be good to plan two itineraries or another itinerary for another destination, just to make sure you have a back-up plan lest you burst your bubble.
  • Be spontaneous! Travel to another destination (that is, if the weather permits).
  • At the end of the day, we are always blessed despite stormy weather. We have shelters to protect us, and a whole lot of destinations to consider. Remember, there’s always a rainbow after the rain!
  • “If it never rained, nothing would ever grow”. Let’s still be thankful for the rain. It reminds us that things are not always what we expect them to be. The rain teaches us to grow wisdom and acceptance that there will always be things that we cannot change and to just openly accept them rain into our lives.
God bless the Philippines!

About Mia G.

Teacher Mia. A Happy Girl. Chaser of dreams. Believer of living out each beautiful dream. A Full-time Preschool Teacher with a part-time job of being a happy traveler and wanderer. Co-founder of Destination Getaways Travel and Tours! A Proud Filipina who wants to travel the world one place at a time, one breathtaking moment at a time. Join the personal accounts of my adventures and misadventures and random experiences in our big and beautiful classroom-- the world. Share my experiences on spontaneity, excitement, adventure, travel, exploration, gastronomic encounters, and everything in between!

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