Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur surprised us. We did not know we would enjoy KL after our so-so theme park trip in Genting Highlands. But Kuala Lumpur was different. It managed to surprise us and it amazed us with the beauty of its own culture. And yes, Kuala Lumpur gave us a big treat with its entire cultural splendor.

Coming from Genting Highlands, we immediately checked-in to our backpacker’s hostel, Back Home,  located in Jalan Tun HS Lee, near Masjid Jamek station. I am thinking to come to the generalization that staying in backpackers hostels are far more convenient and comfortable as compared to hotels. Well, I am basing that on my experience in Singapore and Malaysia. Besides that, you get to meet new friends from different countries and exchange different stories about food, culture, and anything under the sun. But the best thing about staying about Back Home was that it was unbelievably comfortable and very decent despite the budget rate that it asks its backpackers to pay. Define money well spent!

Back Home Backpackers Hostel

And we slept well too!

Well actually, we overslept!

After oversleeping from our nap following Genting Highlands, we awoke in panic as we saw 9:00 pm on our watches. We frantically stood up in panic, fearing that we might miss the majestic view of the Petronas Tower at night. We washed our faces, and left the backpacker’s hostel in a breeze. From Masjid Jamek, we took the train to KLCC to see the Twin Towers.

The train system of Malaysia was pretty much progressive as well. Although they have older trains (pretty similar to our local LRT1), their newer trains may be  considered a redeeming factor. The subways were air-conditioned, the trains were fairly new and clean, the ticketing system was not confusing, and the whole train system was tourist-friendly.

We're tourists who enjoyed walking around!

And finally, we got off KLCC. We thought we were lost in searching for the majestic twin towers. We tried guessing if the buildings in front of us were the Petronas Towers. Only to find out that we only had to look behind us and see the beautiful twins shimmering at our backs, glowing with sheer beauty and radiance. We were captivated.

We thought that was the Petronas, but we were wrong!

It was just behind us after all. Sometimes, we just have to look for the things that matter. hahaha.


And there, we stood in utter awe and amazement, our jaws literally dropped at the majestic view and beauty of the Petronas Twin Towers. At 451.9 meters with 88 storeys, our necks were tireless in admiring the world’s tallest twin towers. This is was definitely one of those moments when you would not mind getting a stiff neck, because this kind of stiff neck would was definitely worth it.

I don’t know how long we stood there in front of the twin towers. I guess we were just reveling in the moment as we were trying to preserve a mental photograph of how the Petronas Towers looked like in the evening. Around 11 in the evening, when we eventually felt that we were hungry, that was when we finally surrendered to the fact that we had to bid the twin towers our goodbyes. It was a great first meeting and the twin towers definitely made a great first impression on us. Until our next meeting!

With happy spirits, we strolled around Suria KLCC just before heading to Masjid Jamek to call it a night… and to go look for dinner! We did not know that KL restaurants closed so early! At 11 in the evening, only 7-11 convenience stores were open to cater to our hungry stomachs! There were no restaurants, no fast-food chains, not even a friendly neighborhood carinderia. And because of that, we had to settle with processed food available in 7-11.

Getting to the Petronas Towers:

  • Take the LRT from point of origin to KLCC (KJ10)
  • Walk from KLCC station and walk towards Suria KLCC
  • Enjoy the majestic view!
Where to stay:

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