Genting Highlands, Malaysia


Technically, it would be easy to say “it’s a small world after all”  if you get used to crossing the border from one country to another. It’s amazing to realize that one building, the immigration building located at the border, would make you say that you have been to two countries at once.

After spending 2 full days in Singapore, we were very much excited to see and discover what was in store for us in Malaysia, Truly Asia! We took the Transtar Deluxe Coach on the way to Genting Highlands, Malaysia from Singapore. We had to rush Amazing Race style from Vivo City coming from our Singapore walking tour down to Lavender MRT Station lest we get left behind by the trip.

On Crossing the Border

After 15 minutes of dozing off, we were advised by our driver to step down the bus  to get our passports and identities checked over at the Singapore-Malaysia Border. The Border-Crossing from Singapore to Malaysia was already tedious (as being a Filipino necessitated serious questions from immigration interrogation) but going back and crossing the border from Malaysia to Singapore was even more gruesome, cruel, and brutal (which needs to be expressed in a separate entry)

Thank God, after surviving Malaysian immigration, we were off to an uninterrupted trip towards Genting Highlands.  And after 5 hours of night travel, we woke up to a cold and bone-freezing coldness of Genting Highlands as we were dropped off in First World Hotel.

Resorts World Genting

Nestled on top of a rain forest within Titiwangsa mountains 2000 meters above sea level, with very cold and challenging temperature of 14 degrees, we braved the cold embrace of Genting Highlands, Malaysia. (Props to Pao and Francis who survived without a jacket for the entire stay in Genting)

Genting Highlands is a fusion of the bounty of nature along with a promise of entertainment with its built-in casino and indoor and outdoor theme park operated by Resorts World Genting. The hotel, casino, and the indoor and outdoor theme park do not operate an air-conditioning system just because the climate is more than freezing to the bone.

Genting Theme Park: Indoor and Outdoor Theme Park

We checked out the Indoor and Outdoor Theme Park thinking that it would be as awesome as Universal Studios, since it is also managed by Resorts World (however, by Resorts World Genting). Apparently, it was not even as close with Universal Studios. It had very nice and photogenic indoor interiors, but the rides seemed to be not so extra-ordinary. Perhaps it may be likened to our ordinary local perya or local SM Storyland adventure.

Maybe because I just came from Universal Studios Singapore that’s why my expectations were very high. But nevertheless, we tried to explore and amuse ourselves inside the park, but we ended up shopping and eating to make up for the exhaustion of walking around the park. However, if there is one thing that Genting Highlands would assure, it is  the promise of delivering great photo opportunities.

First World Indoor Theme Park

The Indoor Theme Park is inside the First World Casino thereby making it bear the name of First World Indoor Theme Park. However, it seems that it is not so first world after all. Like what I mentioned, the rides inside the indoor theme park were similar to SM Storyland Adventure. The rides may be said to be best for families and children, and not adults who are in search of daredevil adventures. So if you decide to visit the indoor theme park, make sure to keep your hopes at a minimum so you will not get disappointed.

We found ourselves in New York City!

With the Statue of Liberty

We went to see the Oscars

The Big Ben, in London

And yes, we are in London

Rode a Gondola in Venice

in Venice

in Vietnam

In India

In Paris

by the Eiffel Tower in Paris (I wish, it was real!)

We met the Fattest Girl that walked this Earth in Ripley's

To infinity and beyond! (Ay, hindi pala!)

Outdoor Theme Park

The outdoor theme park features more exciting rides that may be enjoyed by the adults. But unlike Universal Studios Singapore where your purchased ticket is already inclusive of all the rides, the rides in the Genting Theme Park requires extra payment if you would like to try out other rides. (Basically, what you paid for in your ticket is just technically an entrance fee to both parks. What a bummer right?)

Basically, for 82 RM or around Php 1,148, you get a waterproof wristband that you need to  present upon entry for every ride. However, for the best and the most exhilarating rides available at the park, they will charge you around 10 ringgit for every ride, that’s about 140 pesos for every exciting ride that you want to try. I am not whining, I just want to assert my consumer rights! I felt deceived by the theme park. All the nice rides required extra payment, and that is not cool, especially for visiting tourists like us!

Also, because the Outdoor Theme Park is nestled atop a rainforest, it is usually cloudy and hazy due to the clouds hovering over the mountains. Because of this, there are intermittent rain showers also.

We discovered an outdoor perya too, and played some games

We managed to pass by these irresistible Kaya Balls! SOOO YUMMY!

Beryl’s Chocolate Factory

After strolling around the Outdoor Theme Park, we found ourselves inside a very colorful chocolate factory, where it was bursting with color and lots of chocolates (but it’s not for free though, you would have to purchase it!) Beryl’s Chocolate is a chocolate brand made in Malaysia.

Tic Toc, Tic Toc

Because of this, we had to call it a day, earlier than the normal time scheduled in our itinerary. We just decided to go home to Kuala Lumpur to rest and prepare our entire beings to meet the beautiful and the tallest twin towers in the whole world!

And we're OUT!


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    • Genting is a nice place to visit! But don’t keep your expectations too high! I’m sure you’ll enjoy! Kuala Lumpur is awesome too! Visit the Petronas in the evening, and Taman Tasik Titiwangsa Lake Gardens in the morning OR evening and visit the mosques too for a feel of their culture!!!

      Thank you for taking time to visit!!! 😀 I hope you have fun in Malaysia!

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