At the World’s Largest Observation Wheel: Singapore Flyer


At the end of each day, we make routinely reality checks and then we realize: all great things eventually come to an end– the same applies to our theme park adventure as we needed to bid goodbye to Universal Studios Singapore. After spending approximately 9 hours reveling in supreme happiness inside the park, we just had to surrender and let go. (Insert dramatic sound effects here) Yes, the park had to close for the day and we had to leave, or we would have been forced to leave, even if we attempt to throw a tantrum. Haha. Little did we realize that exhaustion managed to creep in our tired bodies. But that exhaustion did not stop us from seeing what Singapore had in store for us. And so from Sentosa, we hailed a cab to take us to Singapore Flyer. The original plan was to take the SMRT, but we were just too tired to commute, but we knew that we had to see the Singapore Flyer in the evening.

And we were not disappointed! The view was very much worth it. The view of Singapore cityscape and the skyline was breathtaking.

For 29.50 SGD or Php 1,030.00 (this conversion rate applies during the time of our visit), it may actually be worth it. But for budget travelers who would rather spend their 29 SGD on something else, you may actually just try to head to  Marina Bay Sands (and still pay a certain fee) to see almost the same view. But we still opted to try the Singapore Flyer, standing at 165 meters from the ground (equivalent to a 42-storey building) making it the world’s largest observation wheel.

On the way to the Flyer, this psychedelic walkway will greet you!

To get to see the bird’s eye view of the city, one has to ride one of the capsules of the Flyer. Then, you can get the chance to be a spectator and admirer of Singapore’s awesome cityscape for a whole 360-degrees turn. We went to the Flyer at night, and I recommend those who would like to try out the Flyer to ride at night as well for a very vivid interplay of lights and sights.

One of the capsules of the Singapore Flyer

The Wheel is such a giant, I could only photograph a portion of it

The Flyer has also been known to bring good feng shui. In one of my quests to learn more about the Flyer, it has come to my knowledge that the Flyer used to rotate counter-clockwise or outward towards the sea before. Feng Shui experts were alarmed by this and motioned that the direction of the Flyer be changed to clockwise wherein the rotation of the wheel will be inward and towards the city. In this way, the experts believed that luck will be brought to the country as each turn of the wheel symbolizes wealth being brought inside the country because of its inward rotation. We don’t know if the effects of the feng shui is true or not, but there is nothing to lose if we try to visit the Flyer– only priceless moments made in a complete rotation. It was still a worthwhile experience.

The Flyer has 28 capsules to accommodate tourists and guests. And a complete cycle of the wheel will take about 37 minutes. The circumference of the wheel would show that it would take quite a long time for the wheel to make 1 complete rotation. So if you are in a rush, or if your patience easily gets tested, or if you think that 37 minutes is a long time of waiting, better think twice and choose among your other alternatives. But for those who like peace and quiet time to just sit down and enjoy the view, this may be the perfect activity for you.

Getting There:

  • Take the SMRT to Esplanade (CC3)
  • OR take a cab going there. Normal cab rates start at 3 SGD flag down rate (or approximately Php 105.00) Our normal cab meter would charge us 9-10 SGD or around PHP 315-350.
adult child senior
Singapore Flight S$29.50 S$20.65 S$23.69

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