Choose Your Own Adventure in Universal Studios Singapore


Pao and I flew at 4:45 in the morning via JetStar and landed around 8:20 in Changi Terminal 1.  It was a good experience flying with JetStar, an Australian airline, to Singapore. It was similar to our local Cebu Pacific and their crew was very accommodating.

It was really relieving to be in a place where public transportation is very much accessible because it serves as a gateway to all the tourist destinations. Hence, we took advantage of Singapore’s progressive mass transportation system as we took the SMRT straight from the Changi Airport. Yes, it was still comfortable even if  we were hauling our luggage from one point to another. We took the very convenient SMRT from Changi to Bugis to Kallang. We purchased our Singapore Tourist Passes in Bugis and immediately met with our friends who were checked-in at Fragrance Hotel Pearl in Geylang.

At around 10:30 am, we unanimously decided to head to Universal Studios and we spent the entire day there. Universal Studios Singapore was one of the compelling forces that made us decide in choosing Singapore as a destination to visit.I did not regret it at all. For me, Universal Studios Singapore has beaten Hong Kong Disneyland as the “Happiest Place on Earth” as of yet.  Of course, I know there are a whole lot of better theme parks, but as of the moment, I really had the time of my life in Universal.

Universal Studios Singapore is part of Sentosa, a popular island resort developed by Resorts World Singapore. Before getting to Universal Studios, one needs to purchase a train ticket (solely for Sentosa) that would allow access in the different attractions around Sentosa.  Sentosa translates into “peace” and “tranquility” in Malay. Universal Studios Singapore is but a small portion of the whole Sentosa island attraction. A full day was just enough to spend inside the awesome theme park. And I did not regret a whole day spent in Universal Studios simply because it was time well spent!

I love theme parks. Perhaps I can attribute it to the fact that I’ll always be a child at heart.  I love the exhilaration that each thrilling ride gives me along with the promise of entertainment that is seen along the way. One factor that made me especially enjoy Universal Studios Singapore is the fact that it offers more rides for adults. Hong Kong Disneyland was awesome, but kiddie rides seemed to be more dominant in the theme park. Universal Studios Singapore seemed to have won my heart this time.

Even without the rides, the architecture and design of the theme park was entertaining in itself. The theme park offers such picturesque and real-life renditions of the movies being featured for every ride thus making it very photogenic and perfect for photo opportunities! If you are not a fan of fast rides, the awesome landscape of the theme park will keep you busy as you get trigger happy with all the picture taking. Fan or not a fan, you’ll find yourself in a happy dreamland!

Getting chummy with the M&M gang!

We surrendered to the chocolates! They were very hard to resist!

One Park, Seven Parks

Universal Studios Singapore features 24 movie-themed attractions, all assuring blockbuster hits to your happiness.  It offers 7 different ‘categories’ for its different movie-themed attractions.

We started off with Madagascar. At the time of our visit, its construction was still being finished. But photo opportunities were very much welcome. And of course, we did not let the moment pass, we seized the day with our Madagascar friends!

We just could not let Po pass by without having our photo taken!

Next, we found ourselves in Far, Far Away! We managed to SUPER ENJOY the “Shrek 4D adventure”. Yes, they set the standards of what 4D should be! We also tried out “Donkey LIVE”, which showcased Donkey from Shrek who performed a stand-up comedy.

Next, we discovered Ancient Egypt where we had the time of our lives screaming our lungs out in the “Revenge of the Mummy” ride. The ride was very beautifully orchestrated complete with the sound effects, special effects, and storyline. Never in my life have I felt a mummy attack to be sooo real. It was so awesome we had to try it again!

Pharaohs are ripped like that! 😀

We walked and walked and lost ourselves in the Lost World-Jurassic Park. One of my favorites. Make sure you have extra clothes because it’s a sure event that you are going to get wet (and willlddd!) “Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure” was one of the highlights of my Universal Studios Experience. It was like our local Rio Grande Rapids but intensified to 100 more times.  “Water World” also managed to surprise us with a wet and wild great action show. You have to try it!

Jurassic Park: An adventure 65 Million Years in the Making!

We felt very much adventurous and with our eager spirits, we decided to head to the Sci-Fi City and try the INTENSE (definitely an understatement) “Battlestar Galactica”, a ride that takes you 14-storeys from the ground. You can choose your own adventure: choose to be human, or choose to be a cyclon. The Red Line allows you to be human, where you allow yourself to be seated down. The Blue Line, allows you to be a cyclon, where you allow yourself to be suspended with your legs dangling (in Filipino, nakalambitin ka lang naman!) all throughout the ride as you scream at the top of your lungs. Both rides were awesome, but after trying both rides, I chose to be a cyclon! It was super duper intense! The Red line (human) was more like a warmup, the Blue Line (cyclon) was the real deal! It set my new standards of how roller coasters should be!

After screaming our hearts out in Battlestar Galactica, we decided to rest our hearts and just enjoy New York. This was perhaps the best location to have photo opportunities. We visited the famous Metropolitan Museum or the MET and rode the famous yellow cabs. We visited Steven Spielberg’s set in “Lights, Camera, Action!” too. Awesome, awesome how special effects are made!

To end our day at the park, we had to pass by Hollywood.  We also visited the Universal Studios Store to buy keepsakes of our precious moment spent at the park. Too bad we did not bump into Hollywood celebrities who freely roam around the park.

Inside Steven Spielberg's Studio!

To say that I had fun is definitely an understatement! I am totally raving about Universal Studios Singapore. Don’t judge me, I just love to laugh at the top of my lungs and have priceless moments captured in a photograph. All these, I was able to do in a single day!

Getting There:

  • Take the MRT and alight in Harbour Front (NE1) in Vivo City.
  • From Vivo City, buy a train ticket to Sentosa.
  • Go down in Universal Studios and have the time of your life!
1 day weekday pass:

S$66 / Adult
S$48 / Child (4 – 12 years old)
S$32 / Senior

1 day weekend pass:

S$72 / Adult
S$52 / Child (4 – 12 years old)
S$36 / Senior

Park Hours:
10am – 7pm (Mon – Sun)
(Hours may extend on certain dates)

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    • Have I been to Malaysia? Yes, I’ve been to your country! 🙂 I’ve seen your beautiful Petronas Towers and visited Genting Highlands too! 😀 I wanted to visit the Batu Caves but did not have the time to see it!

      Have you been here in the Philippines?

      • Yes. I have been to Manila twice. May be will be visiting Vigan in Early November to give a lecture on Heritage Interpretion. Will be my first time there. Good place ? you may access MY FB : jimmy251055@gmail.con

        Name: Jimmy Leong

      • Yes, Vigan is a very beautiful place! It’s very historical and cultural as well! I hope you enjoy it! Try to visit the beaches of Pagudpud (up north of Vigan). Food in Vigan is yummy also and people are nice!

      • You must visit Batu Caves and the largest caves in the world at Mulu, Sarawak. More places you can explore in Malaysia. Regards Mia.

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