KAOS with the Manila Symphony Orchestra!


As part of my family’s efforts to entertain ourselves to aid our moving-on process from our recent demise, we decided to entertain ourselves and all together watch a spectacular show found only in the magical land of KAOS!

I did not quite expect that Kaos would be that good well, AWESOME. I think that the tickets were reasonably priced (in fact very affordable, or better yet, cheaply priced) considering the fact that it was being staged in the newly built and state of the art Newport Performing Arts Theatre, I thought it was really a good show and very much reasonably priced. Kaos with the Manila Symphony Orchestra was more than AWESOME! The show is truly world-class and is definitely a must-see! See, I am definitely a fan of the show and I am definitely raving about it!

Photo courtesy of Resorts World Manila

It was like being in Las Vegas, with a very entertaining Broadway and acrobatic show in the state of the art Newport Performing Arts Theatre. Cameras and photography are not allowed inside the theatre, but I would really like to share how awesome the show was through some pictures from the Resorts World Manila website.

Let me tell you why it was so worth it to see it:

  • We got to meet Kaos the White Lion, Sito the White Tiger, and Betty the yellow tiger

    Photo courtesy of Resorts World Manila

  • We needed to catch our breaths as we got entertained by the breathtaking acrobats from Guangxi, China and the astounding stunts from the Power Duo, a world renowned act from Belarus, who dared test the limits of physical endurance.

    Photo courtesy of Resorts World Manila

  •  We remained witnesses to a death-defying exhibition of 5 stunt motorcyclists from Spain defy gravity in the astounding Cycle of Life that later on SPLIT in the middle. Yes, imagine 5 motorcycles crazily and wildly revolving around a small caged circular enclosure.

    Photo courtesy of Resorts World Manila

  • We were challenged by the performers of the wheel of death from Columbia. Illusion versus reality at its finest!

    Photo courtesy of Resorts World Manila

  • Our jaws were left hanging thanks to the Human Time Machine performers from South America who showcased superb balance and synchronization with their incredibly dramatic stunts.
  • And of course, Filipino talent is truly world-class and very much at par with the other nations as Hip Hop dance champions Philippine All Stars amplified the show with their energetic dance showcases.

    Photo courtesy of Our Awesome Planet

    Kaos is definitely highly recommended and was truly worth seeing! It was truly a perfect show to watch with the whole family! I never felt this ecstatic after watching a show! Family time is best at times like this!

    Posing with Sito, the White Tiger Mascot!

    Alone time with Sito, the Mascot!

    The entire gang happy over Kaos!


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