Family breather at Manila Ocean Park


February 6, 2011 marked one of the darkest days of my life. My dear Papa, was taken by the Lord, and I tell you, it is one of the most inexplicable feelings that I have ever felt in my whole life. I loved my Papa very dearly, and I was his favorite daughter, I, being his only daughter.  I was lost.

This is a painting of my father during one of his surgeries

My relatives came in and flew over from different places and countries to sympathize with our demise. This was somewhat a reunion we did not want to do because this kind of event is something that all people would not like to celebrate. After the week-long service for my dad, it was time for us to bid him goodbye and start the process of moving on despite the fact that we all knew that it would be very hard to move on. But we just have to do it, for the sake of trying to move on.

And so, we tried visiting new places to keep ourselves entertained–just to keep our thoughts away from getting sad again. Despite the heaviness taking over my entire body, I went back to work. But my entire being was very much unfit to work, and so, I willfully obliged when my mom called me and informed me that she, together with my brothers are going to Manila Ocean Park for a breather. I left work (with a valid excuse, well actually, made-up valid excuse) just so I can spend time and heal wounds together as a family.


Fishes wearing lipstick!

And it was a great decision that I made to leave work just to be with family. And being brought up here in the city, it was my first time to visit the Manila Ocean Park even after years of its establishment. I found Manila Ocean Park to be somehow small (compared to the other Ocean Parks that we know of in other countries). Its adult visitors are charged Php 400.00 as an entrance fee to their Oceanarium. I think it was a bit overpriced. If you would solely look at Manila Ocean Park Oceanarium in isolation, without comparing it to the other Ocean Parks, you would still think that you did not get what you paid for.  Inside the Oceanarium, you would just see huge aquariums with various species of sea animals that you could tour for about 30 minutes. And your 400 pesos was spent just like that.

But nevertheless, we visited the Ocean Park not to assess whether we spent our money well but for the purpose of relaxing and unwinding. And we still had a fun family time, nevertheless, despite the short tour around the Oceanarium.

Was it worth the money?

Not quite. Php 400.00 seemed to much for a viewing of the aquarium. BUT!!!

Precious time with the family will always be TIME and MONEY well spent!

We're missing you Papa! (And my Kuya Ohmar who is in the US!)

My mom must be missing Papa so much!

And what better way to end the day, but with a beautiful and priceless sunset of Manila Bay!


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