Cebu, Cebu, Cebu!


Back in the days during my first job, we were usually sent to Cebu for trainings and seminars. In a span of three months, we were sent twice to Cebu for those particular reasons. And thanks to my awesome companions and co-teachers, Cebu was so all the more worthwhile and meaningful!

If I were to define Cebu in a few words, I shall define it in four Filipino words that start with the letter M: MURA, MASARAP, MALAPIT, MAGANDA.  I’ll try to translate it as justifiable as I can: affordable, delicious, accessible, and exquisite!

Because we can only go around at night after work hours, we only had night shots of the city.

Ayala Center Cebu

Outside Magellan's Cross

Magellan's Cross

Cebu City Hall

Joven’s Eat All You Can Buffet

In Cebu, Buffets and Eat-All-You-Can restaurants seem to be very popular and ubiquitous. We managed to stumble upon a local Cebuano buffet restaurant during one of our evening escapades. And we were just so happy to have eaten so many crabs for a fee of only 200 Php! What a bargain!

Eat all you can crabs! Priced at a reasonable amount of Php 200!

Happiness over the city lights at the mountain-top view of Mr. A's

Matia’s Barbeque

We had such an unforgettable grilling experience in Matia’s! It’s just a small house with a backyard transformed into a friendly grilling hub. It’s jampacked with people waiting to be seated which may mean only one thing– their barbeque and grilled specialties must totally be THAT GOOD.

…And it was that good. SO GOOD that I can be a living testament to how great the Matia’s barbeque is!


Pasalubong Shopping

Their native dried fish--Danggit!


Dried Mangoes!


Visiting Cebu will not be complete without trying their native and sumptuous roasted pig or locally known as lechon. Cebu will not Cebu without the lechon! And what better way to put the icing on the cake for our trip but to personally try THE BEST LECHON IN CEBU–Nora’s lechon!!! (Well, that’s a personal opinion) and WAY BETTER than CNT lechon. (Please take note that I am not in any way related to any of these lechon legends)

The best lechon in Cebu!!! NORA’S LECHON!!!

Can you see the yummy goodness?

Lapu-Lapu Shrine

Travel and Learn in Cebu!

If you want to experience comfort and new knowledge from traveling, Cebu would most probably fit the criteria. Besides being deemed as the “Queen City of the South”, it is famed for its beautiful white sand beaches! Albeit we were not able to visit the beautiful beaches of Cebu since the nature of our visit was work-related, Cebu City would still deliver extreme satisfaction and contentment!

Getting Around Cebu:

  • Cabs are ubiquitous in any part of Cebu. Besides their meter being highly reliable, the taxi fare would not be heavy on the pockets.
  • Hotels provide private shuttles or vans for rent for sight-seeing adventures!



About Mia G.

Teacher Mia. A Happy Girl. Chaser of dreams. Believer of living out each beautiful dream. A Full-time Preschool Teacher with a part-time job of being a happy traveler and wanderer. Co-founder of Destination Getaways Travel and Tours! A Proud Filipina who wants to travel the world one place at a time, one breathtaking moment at a time. Join the personal accounts of my adventures and misadventures and random experiences in our big and beautiful classroom-- the world. Share my experiences on spontaneity, excitement, adventure, travel, exploration, gastronomic encounters, and everything in between!

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