Wow Macau!


Wow Macau would be very much apt to entitle this blog simply because Macau wow-ed us with all its splendor!

Our day trip to Macau was worth it despite the heavy rainfall and cloudy skies. We woke early in the morning to catch the earliest of the Cotai Ferry Jet from Hong Kong to Macau. It was a very fast and smooth trip because the travel of the ferry was fast and uninterrupted. The interiors of the Cotai Jet resembled an Airbus with a very large seating capacity.

inside the ferry from HK going to Macau

Macau was one of the Portuguese colonies back in the 1600s, thus, their culture and way of life are deeply rooted with Portuguese influence. Most of the road signs, establishments, and even bus translations make use of Portuguese as basic language instead of English or even Chinese. Macau operates under an autonomy at least until 2049, after Macau was liberated and transfered from the Portuguese Colonial Rule.

We visited Taipa, one of the islands of Macau. We tried our best to maximize at least the 12 hours that we had to enjoy all the sights that Taipa had in store for us. Macau prides itself with its ‘Cotai Strip’ as being “the Las Vegas of Asia”. But besides the luxurious casinos that thrive in Macau and the fact that Macau was perfect for photo ops; more importantly, Macau has a very rich cultural background in the mixture of Portuguese and Chinese culture in the fusion of East meets West which can be readily be embraced by its visitors.

Macau is famed for its Las Vegas strip style of casinos, but we did not visit Macau primarily for that purpose.

Our primary mode of transportation was the different numbered buses in Macau. Thanks to my brother Mico, he made sure that we will not get lost in Macau, he specified which bus we should ride in. So hooray!

Our first stop was the Sands Hotel. It is a sprawling and luxurious hotel and casino, but we didn’t spend much time in Sands because we didn’t intend on gambling in Macau.

And then, we walked towards the Fisherman’s Wharf, which is just in front of Sands. It was beyond spectacular! It featured three different types of architecture, one was Roman, one was Oriental, and another was pre-colonial Chinese. We were only able to go to the Roman side of the Fisherman’s Wharf because we didn’t notice that there were other sights to see. I may be no architect, but the Fisherman’s Wharf was definitely beautifully designed and is definitely a work of art.

Fisherman's Wharf

How do you do, Madame?

Colloseum of Rome... in Macau

The Golden Lotus Square features a large sculpture of “Lotus Flower In Full Bloom” which symbolizes the transfer of sovereignty of Macau from the Portuguese to the People Republic of China.

Golden Lotus Square

We went to Senado Square for lunch and we took a leisurely walk towards the primary tourist attractions within the vicinity. Senado Square was such a busy place! It had so much bazaars stalls, retail outlets, restaurants, and street food in it!

Senado Square

While we were strolling around Senado Square, we made sure we were going to visit the must-see tourist spots of Macau: Ruins of St. Paul, Mount Fortress, and Museu de Macau. All these three sights were astounding, as we felt how historically rich it was.

First off, we went to see Ruines de Sao Paulo or the Ruins of St. Paul

Ruines de Sao Paulo

It was raining when we visited. But nevertheless, we still headed on with our adventure! Visiting the Ruins of St. Paul gave me an honorable feeling, having been able to actually see something that is part of Church History and World History. Not only that, I’m actually grateful having seen one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and the largest Catholic Cathedral of its time.

We spent time going around the Macau Museum since we didn’t want to bathe in the rain outside. We didn’t know that we were in for a great treat. The Macau Museum featured interactive exhibits that make all the museum-goers feel the essence of what is being shown in the exhibit.

Museo de Macao

Afterwards, we explored Mount Fortress. Like any other war remnant, it featured lots of cannons, guns, and walls.

Next stop! We headed to the Macau Tower. At 233 meters high, the Macau Tower is known to have an entertainment facility featuring a variety of adventurous activities. However, it is best known for its bungee jump and skyjump features, which is the SECOND highest commercial sky jump in the world. We could’ve bungee jumped, if we had an extra budget of around Php 13,000.00! Pero wala eh! We just watched the fortunate people who were able to bungee jump. But there will always be a next time!

Macau Tower

I recently read one article stating that Venice, Italy is one of the seven cities that will be sinking very soon. I am not sure if I’d be able to visit Venice while it’s still on the map. But well, at least, I have seen a replica of it through the Venetian, in Macau. It’s beyond heavenly! It’s like we were transported to Venice in a matter of a few minutes! My words won’t even do it justice 🙂

While we were in Macau, we made sure that we were able to sample Macau’s gastronomic specialties!

These are crispy and crunchy treats (which I forgot the name of), but the taste is unforgettable!

See those yummy treats? Those are Portuguese Egg Tarts! Those are super yummy egg tarts that you’ll be craving for in your lifetime!

Macau delicacies at its best!

Visiting Hong Kong and Macau definitely paved the way for my intense interest in travelling. Hong Kong and Macau gave me a good head start on how I shall be seeing the world, one day at a time! ❤

Getting There (From HK to Macau):

  • Walk to China Ferry Terminal (near Harbour City Mall)
  • Walk past Kowloon Park going to Canton road, and look for the Harbour City Mall.  Afterwards, proceed to China Ferry Terminal to buy tickets.
Getting around Macau:
  • GOING TO SANDS: If there is a shuttle bus from the port to Sands, take the Sands bus.  Get down in Sands and find Fisherman’s Wharf beside it.  If none, take the shuttle bus to Venetian, then from Venetian take the shuttle bus going to Sands.
  • GOING TO SENADO SQUARE: Take bus 2, 3 or 3A to go to Senado Square (Alm. Ribeiro) from the Fisherman’s Wharf
  • GOING TO MACAU TOWER: From Senado Square, take bus# 3 until Casino Lisboa.  Near Casino Lisboa, look for bus# 9A, 23 or 32 going to Macau Tower
  • GOING TO THE VENETIAN: From Macau Tower, take bus #9A, 23 or 32 and go to Casino Lisboa.  From Lisboa, take another bus #3 or 3A and go down near Sands hotel.  From Sands, take the free shuttle bus going to Venetian.
  • GOING TO THE TAIPA TERMINAL: From Venetian, take the free shuttle bus going to Sands.  From Sands, take the free shuttle bus to Taipa Ferry Terminal (this bus is only until 11 PM)
  • Exchange rate is 5.86 MOP to 1 PHP (subject to change)
  • Cotai Jet from HK is 146 HKD or 854 PHP
  • Cotai Jet from Macau is 176 MOP or 1000 PHP
  • Bus fare is 4 MOP for every ride or 22 Php per ride

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