Tagaytay Ridge and Zipline


I live in the south, and living in the south of Metro Manila has valuable perks especially when it comes to accessing the most accessible destinations known for leisure and recreation. One of the most visited destinations here in the south is perhaps Tagaytay.

My boyfriend Pao and I celebrated our 5th anniversary (2009)  in Tagaytay Ridge and Zipline. We are both thrill-seekers, but since we were still in college back then, we did not have the luxury of time to take on weekend trips to try out something novel and exciting. However, a zipline adventure may be the next-best-thing to do to celebrate. And so we were off to Tagaytay to experience a new kind of adventure.

We drove from Makati to Tagaytay in a matter of less than 2 hours since there were intermittent traffic jams along the way. But nevertheless, the long drive seemed a lot better when we were welcomed by the cool breeze of Tagaytay brushing through our faces.

Taal Volcano and Lake

Tagaytay Ridge and Zipline was a brand new experience for the both of us since we did not have any experience of such adventure before. Our excitement fueled our drive to allow ourselves to be suspended 30 feet off the ground, at the speed of 60 kilometers per hour as we traversed a stretch of 250 meters of thrill and excitement. Why not? For a one-way ride on a weekend, we paid Php 300 to subject ourselves into adrenaline rush.

How was it?

It was exhilarating but it could’ve gone even faster. The Php 300 was somehow pricey, but it comes with a free photo of the zipline adventure anyway. If you know me, when it comes to picture taking, I’d gladly indulge in it. And it was a brand new experience, meaning new learning, and I’ll never get stingy on learning something new or at least, experiencing something for the first time. And I’d gladly indulge to be able to experience new opportunities for learning.

Free photo with the one-way ride

Would I recommend it?

It may not be the fastest and longest zipline in the country, but traversing from end to end of the zipline with the view of the Taal Lake and Taal volcano was simply breathtaking. Add to that the bonus of having the cold breeze of Tagaytay brushing through your face. So yes, I do recommend it. Just don’t have high expectations that it will beat Davao’s zipline adventure. Tagaytay zipline would equally give you an exhilarating time. It’s like catharsis with ecstatic jolts. Ano daw? Basta, masaya!

Getting There:

  • Drive to Tagaytay and head to Tagaytay Picnic Grove
  • Tagaytay Ridge and Zipline is located inside the Tagaytay Picnic grove
  • Weekday One-way Ride: Php 200.00/ pax
  • Weekday Tw0-way Ride: Php 300.00/ pax
  • Weekend/ Holiday One-way Ride:  Php 300.00/ pax
  • Weekend/ Holiday Two-way Ride: Php 400.00/ pax
  • All rides come with a free photo

About Mia G.

Teacher Mia. A Happy Girl. Chaser of dreams. Believer of living out each beautiful dream. A Full-time Preschool Teacher with a part-time job of being a happy traveler and wanderer. Co-founder of Destination Getaways Travel and Tours! A Proud Filipina who wants to travel the world one place at a time, one breathtaking moment at a time. Join the personal accounts of my adventures and misadventures and random experiences in our big and beautiful classroom-- the world. Share my experiences on spontaneity, excitement, adventure, travel, exploration, gastronomic encounters, and everything in between!

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  1. Hi Teacher Mia. Would like to know if we can use some of your tagaytay zipline photos for our project website? we’d like to promote the tagaytay tourism and using your photos is one way to show our readers on what activities they can do in the area. thanks! Mylene Mendoza/Roxaco Land

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