Conquering the Hundred Islands in three days!


Equipped with the thirst for adventure, a rented van, and a company of great friends, we were set to conquer the famous Hundred Islands of the Philippines. It took us a 5-hour ride from Manila to get to Alaminos, Pangasinan, which is in the northern part of Luzon.

 It is referred as the Hundred Islands, primarily for the reason that it is a group of 124 islands (when low tide) and 123 islands (when high tide) in the Lingayen Gulf. However, because the islands are not developed and are not commercialized, there are only five islands that are developed to accommodate tourists. These are the Quezon Island, Governor Island, Children’s Island, Marcos Island and Lopez Island. 

Prior to our island hopping experience, we stopped by the town church to pray for safety and guidance and by town market to purchase several household necessities that are keys for our survival for the next coming days. We arrived in Pangasinan and settled in a house that we rented. It was just 5 minutes away from the Hundred Islands National Park hence it was very convenient because it was complete with all the household amenities. 

Tourists are usually accommodated in small and private accommodations in the town proper simply because the islands have no electricity and conditions of spending the night may somehow be difficult. Only Governor Island has electricity among the islands. Governor Island hosts the famous “Big Brother House” and other smaller cottages as there is generator in that island. But the comfort and relaxation that can be found on the island would entail a price to pay. It’s for Php 10,000 a night for 10 people. And because you are on an island, convenience would have an extra fee:

Extra drum of water – P100
Extra Pax/ Extra Bed – P200
Table for Rent & Picnic Area -P200 (day tour); P300 (overnight)
Bahay Kubo for 3 persons – P1,500

Upon settling down in our rented house, we did not waste any time as we immediately headed to the port where there were small bancas (fishing boats) to help us go around the  famous islands. And we were definitely on to adventure as we all headed to the priceless islands. We first headed to the Governor’s Island, to see the highest peak and the vantage point to see the beautiful islands. But before getting there, we had to hike up the mountain, as we were gratefully aided by concrete steps to help us get to the peak. And 
when we got there, wow. The view is just amazing.

Afterwards, we spent most of our day in Governor’s Island where the sand is incredibly white and fine. It was very relaxing to stay in the island because at the time of our visit, we were the only ones occupying the island. That’s why we managed to lounge around the entire island for the majority of the day. When it was almost past 4 pm, we decided to call it a day because we had to head back to the town lest the waves might get bigger just before nightfall.

The next day, after cooking and eating our own breakfast, we immediately hopped onto our boat to experience more of the beauty of Hundred Islands. For the second day, we were off to the Quezon Island, Imelda Cave and the Marcos Island. 

I guess the highlight of this day was the Imelda Cave where we jumped from 8 feet above water and just let the adrenaline rush through our bodies. 

Cave Jumping is more than awesome!
Adrenaline Rush at its finest

We enjoyed our own lunch at this small island (which I forgot the name already) where we grilled our own yummy lunches that we bought from the market earlier in the morning. We grilled fresh squid and fresh boneless bangus. It was beyond fantastic!

Enjoying fresh and great food by the beach!
Our Master Griller- Pao!

We also went snorkeling around the beautiful waters of Hundred Islands as we were able to see various fishes and coral reefs. Our boatmen were very much welcoming as they brought us to the areas where there were beautiful reefs and fishes.

The Gang is very much ready to snorkel!
Very much happy with what I am seeing
Finding Nemo! Clownfishes, hello!
Home of the Giant Clams!

Later in the day, we stopped by the Cathedral Cave and we stood in amazement on how nature can put together several amazing compositions together. It was majestic!

It was really refreshing to realize that these islands were very much accommodating as they allowed us to lounge around and take our naps on the sand. Yes, we got tired after the day’s activities, but it was the great-kind-of-tired. After the rest, we bathed by the beach, and again, had the time of our lives!

Recharging our batteries
The next day, we were so exhilarated to make our stay worthwhile. We went back to the different islands to capture visual memories worth remembering. We also went back to the Imelda cave, to one again capture the exhilaration we felt while jumping off the cave. 

Summer is definitely made better with such great company!

Hundred Islands in Pangasinan is definitely an enriching experience. It offers great opportunities for adventure and communion with nature! I am totally recommending the Hundred Islands to anyone who desires to visit it.

Getting to Hundred Islands, Alaminos Pangasinan:

-Public bus lines namely Victory Liner, Five Star, and Philippine Rabbit have scheduled rides from Manila, Baguio, Dagupan, Subic, Tarlac, and Zambales bound straight to Alaminos City and vice versa.
-Private vans may also be rented.

-For a group of 8, Php 3000/ pax is reasonable. The larger the group, the smaller the contribution to expenses.
-Travel to Hundred Islands is recommended for bigger groups for practicality and convenience.


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