Budget Traveling in Puerto Galera, Mindoro


Smooth ride going to Puerto Galera

If you would like to take a getaway from Manila, but you are on a budget, Puerto Galera in Mindoro will always be one of the popular options to take. Puerto Galera is 130 kilometers south of Manila. It takes about a 3-hour bus trip at Php 120 from Alabang to Batangas port and 1.5 hour trip by boat at Php120 per pax. It promises white sandy beaches, cool blue waters, water sports and water activities, and a lively night life. 

Cottages are normally priced very low during off-peak season, but still incredibly affordable during the peak season. White Beach beachfront cottages are normally priced higher compared to the cottages a little farther from the beach front. But nevertheless, tourists will get to enjoy and experience the same shoreline of the white beach.

Puerto Galera White Beach

Most enterprising beach resorts normally offer water sport activities like jet ski or banana boat as well as island hopping tours normally good for the entire day.  Henna Tattoo shacks are ubiquitous also in the beach front. 

The tattooed ladies

Island hopping boats are best recommended for a group of 4-6 persons as the entire cost of boat rental is about 1,500 to 2,000 PHP depending on your bargaining skills.  We availed of the Island Hopping activity inclusive of snorkeling and snorkeling gear. For those “laway conscious” it may be best to best to bring your own snorkel if you’re not so comfortable sharing the snorkel with other tourists. 

Just had a great time watching the fishes!
Perhaps the island hopping adventure was one of the highlights of our Puerto Galera trip as we were truly able to see the beauty of the island. Island hopping will enable you to take getaway from the (sometimes crowdy) White Beach and enjoy several surrounding islands all by yourself.

All aboard with adventure

But nevertheless, with or without water sport activities, it is with great assurance that you will most likely enjoy your stay in Puerto Galera, especially if you are with great company. A promise of a spectacular sunset over the White Beach also awaits its visitors. The sunset is especially my most favorite event every time I travel to the beach.

Puerto Galera indeed may be one of the best destinations in Luzon if budget is in consideration. A budget of around Php 2000 may be sufficient for a weekend stay, and a budget of Php 3,000- Php 3,500 may be sufficient for a three-day-two-night stay. If you consider eating heavily or perhaps indulging in pasalubong purchases, an extra pocket money of Php 1,000 may do.

Getting there:
  • From Manila, take any south-bound passenger bus going to Batangas Pier/ Batangas Port
  • Upon getting to Batangas port, an array of boating/ shipping vessels have their daily and hourly trips to Puerto Galera. Purchase a ticket and travel insurance.
  • Sometimes, the water may be smooth, sometimes, very rough, depending on the time of day and season that you are traveling. 

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